Who is having PUG? (Post UnConference Glow)



As you return to your usual work mode just remember, the investment you made in yourself will only show return if you avoid the CURVE OF FORGETTING by revisiting the material asap. 



Make sure you check out this PUG message from

your fabulous host Zoë Routh




To help extend your PUG and avoid the forgetting, here are all the podcasts and speaker worksheets for your reference. 

Also the notes from each breakout session to add to your tool kit!




The Right Environment Expert:

Alisa Moss of DJAS - Architecture and design


Access Alisa's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here. 




Simon Waller Headshot 2016-2.jpg

The Right Technology Expert:

Simon Waller - Author 


Access Simon's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here. 





Amy SIlver_EOL_UnConference_.jpg

The Right Review Expert:

Dr. Amy Silver - ClinPsyD MPhil MA BSc(Hons)


Access Amy's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here.



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