From Mutiny to Loyalty:

Employee Engagement is a critical lever to business success.

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Do want your staff to stand by you and your organisation no matter what?

Do you want your turnover to slow to a trickle?

Would you like to learn how to attract the staff you deserve for the business you love?


Stop unwanted staff attrition in its tracks!



This is a comprehensive leadership development program. Gain the skills to lead a Boundless Team - one that sticks with you through thick and thin.



$430 + GST (full price $850 + GST)

until 3 November, or all sold out - 30 tickets only at this price!


More than just a day.

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This is a comprehensive development plan focused on employee experience that builds loyalty. We have pre and post event learning and development strategies.

Join the tribe and meet other leaders who value their people and want to create a Best Place To Work. 

Share insights on what works - and what doesn’t - when it comes to employee loyalty and engagement.

Learn from leading experts in the fields of employee engagement, workspace design, and technology to create a nimble workplace for the future.

Gain skills and strategies to build loyalty, reduce the sense of entitlement, and stem unwanted staff attrition.


Featuring International Speaker and Futurist, Craig Rispin.


Craig Rispin


Craig Rispin is a Business Futurist and Innovation Expert. His expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends – and how companies can profit from them.

Craig has over 20 years experience working where the future has been created – with some of the most innovative companies in the world in the IT, consumer electronics, internet and broadcasting industries.

He is an award-winning speaker and has addressed audiences as large as 16,000 people on 5 continents and has consulted with CEOs of leading companies worldwide.

Some of his clients include: BHP Billiton, Canon, Colonial First State, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, King & Wood Mallesons, NRMA, Sportscraft, Symantec, Toyota, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and hundreds of professional industry associations.

An award-winning keynote speaker and CEO mentor, Craig shows his clients how to Know First, Be First and Profit First.

Boundless Leaders venture beyond business as usual to explore new territory. We are constantly challenging the edge of what is possible, and delivering incredible results.

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We can’t do it alone. Without a solid team, we don’t get far at all. 




In my extensive research and experience with high level leaders, this is what I know to be true:

  • We spend far too much time dealing with disgruntled staff.
  • The sense of entitlement can be rife!
  • It seems they all want a promotion, a pay rise, and flexible hours, without paying their dues. They want loyalty without showing any!
  • Staff churn is painful and often chronic. 
  • This environment is disheartening and can cause self-doubt.


The good news is that you can do something about it. 

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Designing employee experience strategically can deliver centered and loyal teams. Here is how you can go from burning energy on staff to getting a five fold return:

Create a Boundless Team that will venture beyond borders in to the unknown, confident in the face of uncertainty.

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At the UnConference we are going to explore what we can do at each level to create a great employee experience that drives employee engagement, and therefore LOYALTY.

When we have loyal staff, we have delighted customers.

Happy staff = better business results.


This is for you if you are…


  • A leader with an executive team in a private sector business with 30-300 people.
  • An executive with a team of 5 or more.
  • A HR Manager in a private sector organisation 100-500 people.
  • A CEO of a large not for profit with 50 or more employees.


You will want to bring your core leadership team with you so you can plan and apply immediately what you learn on the day.

Launch Group Pricing:  Group of 5-10 team members: $330 + GST pp (save $100 per ticket).

Contact us directly for larger group bookings.



Results You Can Expect

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Build a solid team that wants to explore the edge of their performance

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Learn and grow - for you, and for the people you lead

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Build a team you love, and who loves you

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Save money and lost organisational knowledge by stemming unwanted staff attrition

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Get results with easy-to-implement workplace solutions that get people performing better

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Save time and effort by leveraging the insights and success of experts and peers

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Gain skills to deal with tricky staff demands and expectations

CONNECTION is critical for the design of the experience for you. We are running the Matchmaking Service so we can tee up a business blind date with the people you want to meet. We’ll make sure you get introduced and you have a chance to learn about each other.


The UnConference format is less about FIREHOSE of information and more sharing insight and wisdom. We want to make sure you can reflect and create a plan to integrate what is most important.


What this looks like in practical terms:



The Right Environment Expert:

Alisa Moss of DJAS - Architecture and design



Alisa is a Director of Canberran design firm, DJAS. DJAS has created some of the most stunning designs in Canberra and around the country. Check out their portfolio of projects here.

In the pre-event WEBCAST, exclusive to Edge of Leadership attendees, Alisa will be sharing her passion for space and design, and the practical and tangible impact this can have on both productivity and culture.

A very strong advocate for improving indoor environment quality and environmental sustainable design, in 2007 Alisa was awarded the prestigious AV Jennings Churchill Fellowship enabling her to fast-track her professional development in this area. Alisa added to her achievements with a second international fellowship in 2009 with the ISS institute.




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In the pre-event WEBCAST the Right Technology Expert will share:

  • What technology platforms we need now to enhance productivity
  • What are the best apps to use for creating accountability and enhancing culture
  • Important rules when it comes to choosing and using apps and platforms that will save you time and money




The Right Review Expert: Mystery guest to be revealed shortly


In the pre-event WEBCAST the Right Reviews expert will share:

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  • The Dos and Don'ts of performance reviews
  • How perks can become entitlements and backfire in building loyalty
  • The best approach for delivering hard truths and constructive feedback





You receive incredible value for your investment through:


  • Three pre-event webcasts: The Right Environment, The Right Technology, The Right Reviews.
  • Interaction with international speakers and business leaders.
  • Peer connection through the personalised matchmaking service.
  • Post program implementation sheets.
  • Post program meet up lunch.
  • Exclusive 30 minute interview with Zoë Rough for your personalised action plan. 



Only available until midnight November 3, 2017





Launch Group Pricing:  Group of 5-10 team members: $330 + GST pp (save $100 per ticket off the Launch price).

Contact us directly for larger group bookings here.

We have deliberately chosen a very Un-Conference venue. GREEN HILLS is a facility tucked on the edge of Canberra with spectacular views. 

It is a no-thrills, basic facility. We can let go of pretence, and focus on getting real. You can show up casual, enjoy the company of other leaders, feel relaxed, and leave inspired and focused.

The venue strips pomp and allows us to add more value to the whole of UnConference experience, before and after.

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  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Lunch
  • Drinks and canapés at the end of the day
  • Pre-event audios and implementation tip sheets
  • Post-event Re-caps
  • Post event introductions for those you did not meet
  • Invitation to the post-event MeetUp lunch to keep developing relationships



Our nominated charity is Menslink.

Menslink Logo


Why Was Menslink chosen as OUR NOMINATED charity?

We believe that the future of humanity needs a focus on men as well as women. The majority of suicide victims are men and boys. Men and boys are struggling to find their way in a changing world. Boys have been left behind with much of the focus on female empowerment. (Of course, we also believe female empowerment is a good thing!).


We support the care and development of young men. 


Menslink Men


How we will do this:


  • $100 from each ticket will go directly to Menslink
  • Silent Auction of one place on the exclusive 12-month Leader’s Edge Mastermind commencing May 2018 on the Larapinta Trail. 100% of the money raised from the silent auction will be donated to Menslink.


In 2017 we raised $15,000 for our nominated charities.


My big insight was how contributing/giving back in even the smallest way can make a difference. Not only you personally but can have other business flow on effects. Win / win!
— 2017 UnConference Delegate
I got such value from the day! Leadership is doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Customer mapping. Trends. New friends. Default thinking. Business model canvas. Look with a lens. Balance with gratitude. “A” team. Now I have a clear sense of progress.
— 2017 UnConference Delegate
I loved every minute! I also got a reconfirmation of good people + good hearts = great things.
— 2017 UnConference Delegate