Calling adventuresome, restless professionals hungry for growth and their next career move and contribution.

Hark! Is this YOU?




Are you frustrated and bored? Time for a change?

Sick of the safe, known, and stable world you find yourself in?

Feel you are not progressing and you could do so much more?

Suspect you are being held back by other less capable, perhaps jealous co-workers?

Crave the unknown, growth, and are willing to risk failure to see beyond the horizon?

Ready to take on more responsibility and challenge but don’t know where to start?

Stalled in your work and life?

All revved up but nowhere to go?




You might have gaps in:




Confidence: it feels risky to put yourself forward.

Skills: not sure you have the right skill set for increased responsibility.

Knowledge: there are some things that you are just not that familiar with and you don’t want to look the fool or get caught out.



You might have BLOCKS about:



Belief: it’s hard to see yourself in a more senior position - could this really be you?

Vision: the future is uncertain, and your role even fuzzier.

Voice: you struggle to speak up and be counted - you might be seen, and judged.



We can make a lot of noise about change, but if we do nothing we are simply revving the engine. We need to get in gear, and commit to drive forward.


I can help.




In just 90 days we will:


Adventure Begins.jpg


Break down your blocks and use them to build a fortress of conviction.

Bridge the gap in your skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Build the plan to drive you forward in to your new role and world.



You’ll gain mobility with your decision-making and action-taking.You’ll start movement in your career. And with support, you will gain momentum in creating something new for yourself, and your family.




How it works:


We’ll do an audit of where you are now, where you want to get to, and what is holding you back. 

We’ll go to town on re-framing, releasing and otherwise smashing anything that is unnecessary and keeping you stalled.

We’ll zero in on your skills and knowledge gap and undertake mini-crash courses to up level your know-how, now.

We will map out a straightforward course of action with baby steps that will make you feel tall like a giant,  and brave like a lion. Roar!




90 Days to drive your world forward, fast!


Stop wasting time and energy in indecision. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities!


Let’s get you the courage to act.

Confidence in decisions. 

A plan of action.

And the oomph to make it happen.


OK! How do I get started?


Click the button below to book a 30-minute Q & A call with Zoë to see if this program is right for you.



Who is this program for?


I’ll be frank. My coaching roster is jam-packed already and my Boundless Teams programs demand a lot of my focus. I don’t have a lot of room for new clients so I need to be pretty picky. Therefore, I only work with big thinkers, with big hearts, who want to make a big difference.


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So, if you’re wondering if this is for you, then check:


Untitled 43.jpg

You’ve got a fierce heart and a will to succeed.

You are heart-centered and care deeply about the people you lead and work with.

You value learning and self-growth as a core responsibility as a leader.

You read widely and are hungry for learning.

You invest in your own well-being and take good care of yourself.

You value family, friends, as well as making time and space for yourself.

You seek feedback, even if it sometimes hurts a little.

You’re willing to put yourself on the line, even if it means getting embarrassed, or making mistakes.

You also give feedback to others, difficult as it can be at times.

You take 100% responsibility for your own life and work.

You have the funds, energy, and time to commit to your own growth and see this as the wisest investment you could make.



What does the program include? 


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.29.39 am.png

Preparatory material and self-assessment audits.

We will determine where you are right now, what's blocking you, and where the gaps might be.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.36.57 am.png

3 x 60 minute coaching calls with Zoë: 

These are laser focused support to get the insights, skills, and strategies you need to enhance your thinking, effectiveness, and focus as a leader.


                                Followup debrief notes

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.38.02 am.png

I am the only coaching I know if that provides followup debrief notes. These are a summary of our meeting and discussion points, along with additional insights and resources that may arise. This will help keep you on track and in action between our meetings.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.39.56 am.png

Mini skill accelerator courses for skills shortfalls

Depending on where your gaps are, I will make sure you have the latest resources to upgrade your leadership capacity, capability, and delivery.

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A copy of Zoë’s books, Moments and Composure


Zoe 2 Books.jpg
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Two free tickets to our new one day event, Boundless Leadership: Break   barriers to productivity, capability, and performance.

 Dates in June and September, 2018.


                                **Value** - $990.00 Including GST

                                   ($495.00 per ticket)



$3000 + GST