Adventure In Leadership

If you want to take your team to an extraordinary level of performance and engagement, there is no other faster nor more profound way to do it than undertaking adventure together, in a remote and spectacular environment.

Something seismic happens in the wilderness: 

Façades drop away.

Pretence evaporates.

Worries dissolve.

We get REAL

It is under the magic of the stars and wide open skies we connect to who we truly are, and find the courage and conviction to bring all of us to the now, alone, with others, at home, at work. All the time. 

Three Options

1. TEAMS: Zoë runs high impact, high value programs for a select group of organisations. If you want to explore this, let's talk.

2. EXECUTIVE RETREATS: An exclusive gathering of influential leaders. Elevated conversations, deep connections, expansion of perspective and possibility. If you would like to be considered for this invitation-only experience, then contact me.

3. INDIVIDUAL ADVENTURERS: My partners in experiential programs, Outback Initiatives, offer a number of programs for individuals to develop their team leadership skills. Check out a program here.