Do you struggle to find time out for big picture thinking?

Have a lot on your plate and things are dropping off the edges?

Do you find it lonely at the top? No one to check your ideas with?

What about time out for YOU? 

Do you hunger for adventure and love the outdoors?

Want to make 2018 extraordinary?

I want to start 2018 right, and I want to finish this year with flair! And I would love for you to join me. I long for wilderness adventure where I can expand my thinking, connect with nature, and enjoy the company of other high level leaders - to share ideas, adventure and fun.

This is the time out you crave, in a location you'll love, with company you'll keep.

*BOOK YOUR SPOT: Email and we'll lock it in for you*

Here's the scoop:


Reflect and prepare your Personal Leadership Plan. What you need to develop, let go of, and create to make you an extraordinary leader.

Develop your People Development Plan. As a leader you need to develop people! What is your plan to build and hone the culture in your team, how will you support and elevate your colleagues, and what are the critical inflection points to build engagement. 

Review your strategic plan. Are you on or off track? What are the trends that are emerging you need to respond to? What are the critical scenarios you need to keep in  mind?

Leaders running large projects
Leaders managing teams
CEOs dealing with organisational or market change
Senior executives who want to prepare for their next career opportunity

Space to think, support and sounding board for your toughest challenges, a system for big picture thinking. Adventure and wilderness creates a spectacular setting to be centered and inspired.

We will be staying in exclusive and secluded natural set Eco-Lodge near Freycinet National Park on the East Coast of Tassie. Think GLAMPING! After a a few hours of exploring and hiking, we can return to basic creature comforts fireside for reflection and planning.

    Beginner to intermediate. We'll take it pretty easy. We want to enjoy the trip, not slog it out.


    • Meals from lunch November 2 through to lunch November 5
    • Accommodation from Nov 2, 3, 4
    • Leadership workbook
    • 1 x 90 minute coaching session before or after the expedition
    • 2 x followup accountability and leadership training webcasts: 
      • Strategic thinking: simple systems for better strategy
      • Culture: designing employee experiences to build loyalty and engagement

    Maximum 8 spots! 


    Invest 2% of your work time for at least 1 good idea, 8 great connections, and a
    solid plan for 2018.


    Hit reply and let me know you're keen. We can have a brief conversation about the details. 

    *BOOK YOUR SPOT: Email and we'll lock it in for you*

     I look forward to spending this time with you!