E63 - Increase productivity by 37% with great workplace design - Interview with Alisa Moss

Show notes:

About Alisa Moss

Alisa Moss is a Director of Canberran design firm, DJAS. DJAS works with organisations to design work environments that range from hundreds of square meters to 85,000 square meters, from small spaces to whole buildings. Starting her career as a photographer, aesthetic design has always been important. A focus on sustainability has become equally so. Nowadays she includes the development of effective culture, alongside sustainability and beauty, as a key premise of her design work.

E60 - Book Review - Matt Church's NEXT

Want shortcuts to elevate your leadership thinking? How about hacks to multiply the amounts of books you read? How does leveraging your life and work effectiveness sound? What about getting strategic with your meetings in novel and powerful ways? Want to know the critical factors affecting our business world in the next ten years? This book has it all. Enjoy my book review to get some more details now.

E59 - Stop staff turnover in small to medium enterprises

When they resign, do you blame them for lack of loyalty, little team spirit, and being ungrateful? These things may be true. But is it true that it’s them, not you? Taking ownership of what you can do as an employer or business owner to keep staff engaged and loyal will keep you at the front and help keep folks from jumping ship.

E58 - Staff Loyalty & how to get it - Interview with Craig Cherry

Customer service expert Craig Cherry shares the fundamentals of employee loyalty and engagement:

  • How playing the smile game got one business noticed in the media
  • Fundamentals of what people need to enjoy and be committed in their work
  • Critical skills leaders need to build buy-in and engagement
  • What the daily setup meeting is and what to include
  • How to create rewards and measures for staff
  • How even the trickiest of remuneration schemes, like those in legal firms, can access insights into individual contributions for better rewards

E57 - Projectify: the end of the strategic plan as we know it - Interview with Jeff Schwisow

Business mentor and strategist Jeff Schwisow shares:

  • Why the real enemy of business evolution is not change, but how ‘now’ cripples your ability to focus on ‘next’.
  • How an effective project mindset is one that moves away from large transformational change in favour of a steady stream of smaller adaptive projects.
  • One of the biggest blocks to Boundless Leadership is being too focused on the scoreboard and not the game you’re playing.
  • Build your organisation as a circle not a triangle.
  • Three key tips to get started to bring the future into now and be better at getting strategic results.

E56 - How to boost morale in the workplace

Here are some questions to check your morale DNA:


  • Do you make a big deal of new employees?
  • Do you show them around and introduce them to all the team members?
  • Do you make sure they have their workspace ready to go?
  • Do you have some objects that let them know they are one of the tribe? (Yes, a branded coffee cup of their own can count here)


  • Do you help employees connect with the bigger picture?
  • Do employees know what you care about, why you do what you do, and how what they do fits in to the bigger cause?
  • Do you measure and showcase the impact you’ve had on your clients and make sure everyone knows about it?


  • How is the ‘game’ of your work?
  • What rules are you playing by?
  • Are they clear and agreed?
  • Or are there some outdated rules that are clunky?
  • What systems create friction rather than flow?
  • Frustration instead of fun?
  • How do you know if you’re winning the game of work?
  • Is progress visible and meaningful?
  • What prize do you get when you ‘win’ at work?
  • How often do you celebrate wins and winning?

Cleaning up the game of work is a very pragmatic way to boost morale. Just make things easier, simpler, and more fun.

E54 - Networking matters, but your network matters more - Interview with Janine Garner

Collaboration and connection expert Janine Garner shares:

  • Why developing your network is essential for your marketing machine, your intelligence bank, and a board of advisors.
  • The biggest challenge people have when it comes to networking: not investing in core connections in the right way.
  • Where to start in developing a network that truly supports you.
  • The four key people you need in your network to help you become the person you want to be and create the results you want.