E54 - Networking matters, but your network matters more - Interview with Janine Garner

Collaboration and connection expert Janine Garner shares:

  • Why developing your network is essential for your marketing machine, your intelligence bank, and a board of advisors.
  • The biggest challenge people have when it comes to networking: not investing in core connections in the right way.
  • Where to start in developing a network that truly supports you.
  • The four key people you need in your network to help you become the person you want to be and create the results you want.

E53 - Workspace Design for Boundless Leadership - Interview with Ilea Buffier

Ilea Buffier shares:

  • How she retired before she left high school (!)
  • Why sustainability is imperative for all businesses
  • What questions to ask when designing spaces for enhanced employee engagement
  • How an eco-system of spaces works best for all types of contemporary work demands
  • How to design for whole of person well-being by addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional needs in physical space design
  • The corner office is no longer the status symbol - choice and control, especially over use of workspace IS
  • How “You create your space and your space creates you”

E52 - How Leaders Catalyse or Cannibalise Results (plus true story of Australian cannibals)

When you walk in to a space, you can feel if it uplifts or not. As leaders, we need to show up as an environment too - our energy, physicality, and language can cause positive change, or it can sabotage engagement.

Key Tips:

Energy: Are you inward or outward focused? Are you in your head or in the room?

Physicality: Focus on your breath, dig your toes in to the ground, and do power poses.

Language: Avoid commanding language and absolutes, use inclusive and collaborating language.

E51 - How To Become Limitless! Interview with Renee Giarrusso

Renée Giarrusso shares:

  • What’s the key to being limitless
  • How to map motivation for leverage in business
  • Similarities and differences between industries and what holds people back from being limitless
  • How a coaching culture can cascade through an organisation
  • How to decode emails for better rapport
  • How to develop Boundless energy

E50 - What you need for Boundless Leadership

What do we need to explore the edges of what is possible? What does an explorer mindset really hold for us? What can we learn from explorers who did well, and those who died in their adventures?

The resources we need are often paradoxical.

Curiosity AND Discernment

Humility AND Hubris

Questions AND Answers

Venturing in to the Unknown, AND coming home again.

Listen in to hear how these paradoxes work in helping you expand your leadership capacity.

E49 - How to use the Engagement Wheel for a happier workplace

No matter what attention we give it, employee engagement still remains a problem with 32% of people NOT engaged at work. This is a significant barrier for teams and organisations aspiring to Boundless Leadership.

We look at:

  • The four attitudes to break through engagement challenges: Appreciation, Gratitude, Love, Compassion.
  • The four areas to apply it: Self, Colleagues, Team, Organisation.
  • What to focus on when you feel you have NOTHING to appreciate.

E47 - Breaking through barriers to your leadership success

The context for leaders has changed significantly over the last ten years. Expectations are huge, transparency is excruciating, there is a lot at stake.

We look at:

  • The changing leadership landscape
  • 7 leadership skills needed for 2020
  • The difference between obligation and commitment
  • The four areas where you are likely to have hidden barriers: self, thinking, skills, and network

E46 - There's more to listening than hearing - a marvellous interview with Oscar Trimboli

Oscar shares:

  • The 5 levels of listening and how to start
  • Why the 125-400 rule keeps us from being good listeners
  • The patterns to pay attention to in conversations that will help give you big insights
  • How to model process leadership not just content leadership
  • On being a systemic listener (this is hard - but we can all do it)
  • The ancient art of Ting, and what we can bring to modern communication that uplifts listener and speaker

E45 - Why we need new leadership maturity, and how to get there - Interview with Dr Maja Stanojevic-Andre

Maja shares:

  • What is leadership maturity and why it needs to evolve
  • Why Trump is appealing to many voters
  • How a real estate company became the ‘Google of Real Estate” and one of the top 25 places to work through deliberate focus on individual and collective leadership maturity
  • How to create horizontal and vertical leadership development to become more nimble and responsive as leaders and in organisations
  • Why the maturity of the leadership caps the growth and future of the organisation
  • Where to start if you want to encourage the leadership maturity in your organisation