E42 - Upgrade Yourself, Not Just Your Device! Interview with Alessandra Edwards

Alessandra Edwards shares:

  • Why cycling carbs can work in concert with our natural biochemistry for peak performance
  • 3 pervasive bad habits that keep executives from top performance
  • Hot nutritional tips for supporting optimum energy
  • The science behind genetically-based nutrition and performance
  • The best kind of carbs to eat for brain and hormone support

E39 - How to develop a collaborative leadership style - Interview with Simon Dowling

Simon Dowling is a collaboration specialist who works with senior teams to create environments where their people really thrive. It starts by building what he calls supercharged teams. He is the author of Work With Me - how to get people to buy into your ideas.

Simon had a wondrous start to his professional career: commercial lawyer in a big city firm and improv comedy, and even appeared on Thank God You’re Here.

E38 - Better Strategic Planning For Better Teams

Don’t do strategy backwards! And don’t do it on your own either. Strategic planning when you do it well is an excellent way to enhance employee experience and build team buy in.

We look at:

  • Mistakes in strategic planning
  • Three key steps to collaborative strategic planning
  • How good strategy builds better teams

E37 - How to change even the most stubborn bad habits - Interview with Lisa Lahey

Lisa Lahey, Ed.D. (HGSE), was most recently the associate director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a national project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop greater internal capacity for leading organizational improvement in our nations public school districts.

Lisa shares:

  • Why change is hard for some people and not for others
  • Why willpower is useless when it comes to making change
  • The exact process to change your self-sabotage when it comes to losing weight, stopping smoking, or any other stubborn bad habit
  • How this process can be applied to organisations who want to make significant behaviour changes
  • How we can get to naming the elephant in the room

E34 - Stop measuring people's performance! An interview with Stacey Barr, performance measurement specialist

Stacey Barr is the world’s leading expert on strategic performance measurement and evidence-based leadership. She shows organisations and teams how to develop and measure what matters most. She has an international team of professionals who deliver her licensed program, the PuMP methodology, around the globe, including Australia, Africa, Canada, the USA, UK, and Europe.

She is the author of best-selling books, “Practical Performance Measurement” and “Prove It - How to create a high-performance culture and measurable success”.

E33 - Rock your leadership MOJO!

All leaders need a little boost from time to time! In fact, we need to be working on our mojo ALL the time. It is central to our capacity to manage the most difficult aspects of our work. In this episode, which is a little silly (yay!) I share:

  • 3 ways to shift your THINKING to boost your mojo
  • 6 strategies to DO to shift your mojo in to overdrive
  • 3 simple ways to BE more in a better vibes mojo place