E66 - 'Best of the Best' Workplace Culture - Interview with Shanyn Payne of OES


Shanyn is the Executive Director of Human Resources at Online Education Services (OES.edu.au) where she has been since 2011, part of the start up team. She guided the creation and implementation of all people related initiatives across the business including recruitment, remuneration, leadership development and organisational culture and engagement. All this through rapid expansion and growth. The efforts have not gone unnoticed, and OES has achieved and maintained Aon Hewitt Best Employer accreditation in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017 they were named “The Best of the Best”.

Corporate Culture: An interview with Megan Bromley, RedBalloon

In this awesome interview Megan reveals:

  • Why ‘Human Resources’ is so passé and why she loves her title, “Head of Employee Experience”
  • Why RedBalloon has been voted “Best Place To Work” by BRW for five years in a row
  • The 3 key components that make RedBalloon’s culture so attractive
  • How the organisation’s values evolved organically and are embedded not only through processes from recruitment and performance management but in well-promoted company lore
  • Funky employee reward schemes like the Monthly Oscar Award, Annual Values Award, and the employee Dream Catcher
  • The Happiness Revolution and the RED Principle – “Recognise Every Day” and its impact on high performance culture
  • Measuring success through the usual business performance measures as well as the 3 Personal Promises, aligned and publicly tracked against the company’s strategic plan
  • How to track and monitor cultural performance and health through the Employee Net Promoter Score and the more regular Pulse Checks
  • The Employee Experience Framework with its Six Pillars of Success.
 Megan Bromley, former employee of RedBalloon

Megan Bromley, former employee of RedBalloon

E65 - Success is not a solo, or silo, activity - change performance reviews with Dr Amy Silver

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Edge of Leadership Un-Conference expert presenter, Dr Amy Silver overturns rationale for performance reviews and why we need to do them completely differently. She explains:

  • What has changed in the nature of work that has led to frustration with performance reviews
  • The bad habit we need to break to reclaim the effectiveness of performance reviews
  • Why we need to get achievement and the problem out of the person and into the system itself
  • How we can start building a whole system of competence

About Dr Amy Silver


Amy speaks, authors and mentors on how to grow powerfully. Amy has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychiatry, Masters in Performance and a BSc Hons in Psychology. She worked as a practicing Clinical Psychologist and an Academic Tutor and researcher at Oxford University, UK.  After a short stint as a professional actress, Amy has worked in corporate cultures for 15 years using psychological knowledge and effective conversations she works with brave organisations who want to have effective conversations that activate trust and sustainable growth.  She is the author of the book, Conversations Create Growth: How to propel the performance of those you manage EVERY time you meet


Amy will be speaking on “Conversations Create Growth” at the Edge of Leadership Un-Conference, 23 March, 2018 in Canberra. She will also be hosting one of the Open Space forums so you can speak to her directly about your employee management challenges. Get personal feedback on what could work best for you and your workplace. Attendees will also receive a tip sheet to help implement Amy’s ideas. Join us here.

E64 - What you really need to be afraid of - how technology is changing society, for better and for worse with Simon Waller

Show notes:

Here is the book Simon mentions:

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Simon's website

About Simon Waller

Simon is an author of two books Analogosaurus: Avoiding Extinction in a World of Digital Business and The Digital Champion: Connecting the Dots Between People, Work and Technology, he is also a sought after professional speaker and he runs a program called The Digital Champions Club to help organisations identify and adopt the technology tools that can provide you with a competitive advantage.

E63 - Increase productivity by 37% with great workplace design - Interview with Alisa Moss

Show notes:

About Alisa Moss

Alisa Moss is a Director of Canberran design firm, DJAS. DJAS works with organisations to design work environments that range from hundreds of square meters to 85,000 square meters, from small spaces to whole buildings. Starting her career as a photographer, aesthetic design has always been important. A focus on sustainability has become equally so. Nowadays she includes the development of effective culture, alongside sustainability and beauty, as a key premise of her design work.

E60 - Book Review - Matt Church's NEXT

Want shortcuts to elevate your leadership thinking? How about hacks to multiply the amounts of books you read? How does leveraging your life and work effectiveness sound? What about getting strategic with your meetings in novel and powerful ways? Want to know the critical factors affecting our business world in the next ten years? This book has it all. Enjoy my book review to get some more details now.

E59 - Stop staff turnover in small to medium enterprises

When they resign, do you blame them for lack of loyalty, little team spirit, and being ungrateful? These things may be true. But is it true that it’s them, not you? Taking ownership of what you can do as an employer or business owner to keep staff engaged and loyal will keep you at the front and help keep folks from jumping ship.

E58 - Staff Loyalty & how to get it - Interview with Craig Cherry

Customer service expert Craig Cherry shares the fundamentals of employee loyalty and engagement:

  • How playing the smile game got one business noticed in the media
  • Fundamentals of what people need to enjoy and be committed in their work
  • Critical skills leaders need to build buy-in and engagement
  • What the daily setup meeting is and what to include
  • How to create rewards and measures for staff
  • How even the trickiest of remuneration schemes, like those in legal firms, can access insights into individual contributions for better rewards