The Team Edge

Build a team worth belonging to, for a mission worth taking.

Some key challenges my clients face - and you may also:

  • People are time poor, with big portfolios. It's head down, bum up, morale flat.
  • Change fatigue. When will it be over already?
  • It's do or die.  High stakes, big cost.
  • Turf wars, patch protection, simmering tensions, silos.
  • Speaking up? Hardly. It's shut up or bow down, until we blow up.
  • Technical proficiency does not mean people proficiency! How do we connect better?

Key Outcomes

The Team Edge System delivers on the following key areas:

  • Cut your people stress in half
  • Boost engagement
  • Increase proactivity and productivity
  • Keep them out of your office and doing their job.

Step 1: Know Your Team

1 Day Workshop

Map team dynamics. Uncover and trouble shoot blind spots. Develop a team culture charter to embed accountability.

Step 2: Real Talk

1 Day Workshop

Understand and manage workplace conflict triggers. Trouble shoot drama and power games. Develop finesse for difficult conversations

Step 3: Performance Under Pressure

4 Day Adventure

For select teams who want the true performance edge. Hone the capacity to deliver in pressure cooker situations. Not for the fainthearted! This is an intensive program that cuts to the chase of team performance. 

This is an outdoor adventure in basic surroundings. Though all fitness levels may participate, it is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Only for the most robust teams.

Why work with me

I care about you. I care about your business. I want you and your team to enjoy their work, and each other.  Life is too short to endure and not enjoy our working environment. 

I don't put up with insincerity or going through the motions. You've got to care as much as I do. If we're going to shape an awesome team, we are going to do it together, as a partnership. If you're in, I'm all in.

What They Say

"Zoë is very perceptive in analysing clients’ needs and uses a variety of different tools and strategies to customise her delivery, thus providing bespoke and fit for purpose programs. Zoë also has that unique ability to instigate critical change of thought patterns within a business or organisation. Zoë draws from internal change she has taken on from her own life challenges, so she leads by personal example. Her holistic approach assists to make Zoë’s coaching and training genuine and inherently valuable, leaving an indelible mark on her clients."

-Alex Ogg, Operations Manager, Western Australia Fishing Industry Council

"I wanted to provide staff something different, new and a morale booster plus serve functionally to help staff to deal with others who differ from them. Zoë is great to bring in for a new team, with different personalities, when you want to give them tools to form a bond. She is an amazing judge of people without 'judging' them. She understands what makes people tick and asks the right questions at the right times in a non confronting way. Zoë herself is enormously genuine. It's also helpful to us that she is independent of our internal dynamics and brings a freshness of view point.”

- Andrew Spencer, CEO, Australian Pork Limited

"We bought Zoë in as a way to invest in and build up our staff during a growth phase. We wanted to see our seniors being sound leaders and this was a good way of enhancing the team we had. Zoë  built harmony in our team and brought in some effective tools for the entire team to harness. The tools Zoë  showed us can work across all parts of life and those who took them on in their personal lives as well are enjoying ongoing results. For one person in particular we've seen a massive change in their confidence and sense of belonging at work. She came out of her shell dramatically after Zoë  came to us.

You don't need to have problems in a team before you bring in Zoe. She will enhance the people you already have. "

- Peter Beames, Director, DPR Accountants and Advisers

“The Change and Corporate Culture Workshop was right on the mark: fun, engaging and gave our staff specific tips on how to approach and deal with change. I would highly recommend Zoë as a presenter and facilitator.”

- Juliette Ford, Director, Farrar Gesini Dunn

"Zoë was my facilitator when I went for the Singapore Police Force Command and Staff Course 2016 as a Singapore Police National Servicemen. 

I was indebted to her generous sharing of experiences and insightful comments/advices on ways to improve my leadership, communication and influencing skills. Every moment in our after activity review sessions was filled with tips and lessons that were delivered at precise timing to maximize my experiential learning experiences as participants of the course. 

In all my 19 years in the education industry, I have never met anyone who can match her high level of facilitating, coaching and influencing skills. I have benefited and grown enormously through her feedback. 

My heart-felt thanks and gratitude to her for coaching/mentoring me to become the best leader that I can be."

- Jenson C.L. GohSenior Lecturer at SIM University