Boundless Leadership is the joy of exploring what is possible.

I find that leaders and teams get caught in imaginary limitations. They lack awareness of what is truly holding them back. These barriers act as tethers to success; no new territory can be explored when bound, no new results can be produced.

Imagine dissolving inner blocks that keep us thinking small. Imagine dissolving the barriers in communication that keep us trapped in our own inner dialogue. Imagine breaking the thresholds of limitations in capacity, capability and delivery. Everything is possible. What is possible for YOU? Let's find out.

Together is better.

Belonging to a team that rocks is one of life’s greatest joys. We spend so much time at work, it's vital that we enjoy what we do, and with whom we do it.

This Tribe is for the Truthtellers. The courageous ones who dare to take the yoke of leadership and find their way through the fog, up the mountains, down the ravines.

We shine light in dark places.

I’m all about BOUNDLESS LEADERSHIP. I am committed to helping you do work that matters with people with people you care about in a way that is fun.

I’m obsessed with helping people Connect. With themselves, with each other, with this spectacular world. Better relationships makes everything better.

I’m all about You. You are brilliant and who you are matters. You are the lever that lifts worlds. I can show you how to speak your Truth in the moments that matter most.

I work with leaders and organisations who have woken up to this one immutable fact: people matter. We get to work on making the people stuff great.

I believe…

No one is incomplete.

Everyone is doing their best.

All of us are tethered to consciousness: some have a torrent, others a trickle. We can all access the torrent.

Life is a profound miracle.

Leadership is the work of being you, in the moments that matter. And every moment matters.

Pantyhose is a scourge on womankind.


I struggle with…

Parking in multi-story carparks.

Judgement, comparison, and the need for approval.

Working my ass off. I’m constantly learning how to return to fun and rest. I’m getting better at this now!


Things that float my boat...

Adventure. New places. Wilderness. I am a wild child!

Paradoxically, beautiful things, luxury, bling, and awesome shoes.

Dancing in supermarket aisles. 

People being nice to each other.

Being part of a tight knit, kick ass team.

Stars and the bigness of things.

Chickens and the smallness of things.


Things I’ve done, places I’ve been, roles I’ve played…

As the Black Sheep, I took off into the wilderness and paddled many miles by canoe in North West Ontario. Weeks and weeks with just nine of us and the moose. Best job ever.


Hopped across the pond and landed at Outward Bound Australia. Led programs through the rough and wild regions of Oz, developed the nationally recognised and awarded Internship Training Program, honed some more leadership skills, had my heart broken a few times, and generally wore no makeup and lived in jeans and fleece for ten years.


Expanded my leadership thinking hugely at the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation as the Program Manager. Developed programs for industries like wine and rice, and worked with some seriously awesome people and sectors. Thank goodness they included experiential programs as part of their leadership development process. Got to keep using the backpack and tent. Here I learned versatility: leadership in heels and hiking boots.


Now: living life as an autonomous thinker in service to leaders who want to shake the tree free of what holds us back, so we can move the world forward.

And I'm committed to...

Boundless Leadership: explore what is possible, beyond the borders.


Bianca Jurd - Executive Coach, Inner Compass Associate


With over 10 years experience in designing and delivering a variety of leadership programs, Bianca is the Inner Compass Business Manager and an Executive Coach who is joyfully committed to developing the leaders of today and tomorrow. 


Having worked in a variety of fields including satellite communications, rural industry, outdoor education and community development, she has spent the last 12 years crafting her coaching offerings to be unique and effective. As someone who has always sought to break moulds and stereotypes Bianca has developed an unconventional perspective when it comes to human dynamics and thinking. She is driven to see others step into the larger aspects of their nature so they may lead more fulfilling lives. 


Influenced by a passion for the natural environment and what it does for humanity, she is working toward a future where more people are able to reach past limiting and outmoded personal and social constructs. She believes each individual has innate talents and genius, that may not always be recognised and nurtured through conventional thinking patterns or educational modes, and this is where the answers to our many of our current and future challenges will be discovered.   

Krystal1EOL Round.jpg

Krystal Rochford - Executive Manager


Krystal is an experienced Executive Assistant with a talent for managing events and projects, and a demonstrated history of working with CEO’s and Leadership Teams to meet objectives.

Working across a range of industries including: Marketing, Music, FMCG, Gaming and Retail, she has a broad range of skills and passions, which also spans to Wedding Planning (when time allows).


Event Planning, Recruitment, Client Service, Project Management and Marketing are just some of the things that she thrives on, as well as continuous professional improvement through study.

In her spare time (wait, there isn’t any with 2 x young toddlers), she loves to be outdoors, cooking, dancing, reading & doing house renovations.