Attention professionals, executives, lawyers, accountants, educators:


Do you want to achieve more with less struggle?




If so, this might be you right now:


Too much to do, too little time.

Drowning in busy-ness.

Just managing to stay on top of the work, but it keeps piling up.

Not much balance on the ole work-life front.

People stuff as a manager is hard work - there must be a better way.

If promotion is more of the same, but worse, then maybe I’m not cut out for the next level…

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And  this could be you:


Want to feel focused and in control of what is going on.

Crave abundant energy to get through the day and plenty left over by nightfall.

Seek to be a manager and leader that people respect, like, and want to work with.

Aspire to be an effective and valued part of the leadership team.

Desire the confidence and conviction to put yourself forward.

Know that you could make a real difference if you were given the chance.




In this one day Accelerator Intensive we want to move you from STUCK and STRUGGLE so you can SAIL forward. We will deal with overwork, poor prioritisation, and doubts that drag you down and could sink your professional ship.


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There are two things that could be holding you back:


Energy, or lack of it. 

Ability, or gaps in it.


We often neglect energy as a key leadership resource. We are going to give you the best hacks and strategies to ramp up your energy from sluggish to boundless!


Ability is often over-looked. It’s not about intelligence, it’s about know-how. We are giving your our best tips on how to know more, faster through advanced leadership thinking skills.


Join us for a one day intensive where we will focus on:


to ramp up your



Here’s what’s in the program:


Energy Hacks.

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Uncover hidden blocks to energy, focus, and action.

Simple bio-hacks to get your energy revved to the max that don’t cost the earth.

Routines, apps, and resources to support you as an elite corporate athlete.


Thinking Skills

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Why you’re not reading correctly and missing out on vital need-to-know information in your sector.

How to double or triple the volume of books and articles you are able to consume and digest. 

The skills and insights to make you look like the smartest person in the room, without being arrogant or off-putting. 


Productivity Strategies

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An effective way to share ideas to build buy-in with colleagues and create allies in supervisors.

Easy ways to prioritise ruthlessly that still gets the job done and more.

An easier way to build your network and tribe of promoters.

Focus hacks to get the right work - the deep work - done better and faster.


We show you how to:


Achieve more with less struggle

Save time and energy.

Know more, faster.




Who is this program for?

Go-getters who are ready to step up and go for the next promotion. You are likely to find yourself in the company of small business owners poised for growth, executives in professional services ready for a career leap, senior leaders in higher education positioning for senior roles.

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So if you’re wondering if this is for you, then check:

You’ve got a fierce heart and a will to succeed.

You are heart-centered and care deeply about the people you lead and work with.

You value learning and self-growth as a core responsibility as a leader.

You read widely and are hungry for learning.

You invest in your own well-being and take good care of yourself - and want to take it up a notch.

You value family, friends, as well as making time and space for yourself.

You seek feedback, even if it sometimes hurts a little.

You’re willing to put yourself on the line, even if it means getting embarrassed, or making mistakes.

You also give feedback to others, difficult as it can be at times.

You take 100% responsibility for your own life and work.

You have the funds, energy, and time to commit to your own growth and see this as the wisest investment you could make.


What does the program include?

Full day workshop 

Learning materials

Assessments, quizzes, and resources to elevate performance

Catering for the day

The company of like-minded, ambitious high performers.



Lift off price: $250 + GST 


(Full price $450 + GST)