Alessandra Edwards

is an expert in the DNA of Performance. Combining a background in Health Science with a Postgraduate Professional Certificate in Genetics and Genomics from Stanford University, as well as a decade of clinical nutritional practice, Alessandra works at the cutting edge of tailored health and ultra-wellness programs. She is in demand with C-suite executives, elite athletes and high flyers locally and internationally who are feeling tired, wired and frustrated by how this is affecting their professional and personal performance.

The Unstoppable Leader:
How To Unlock Your Genetic Potential For Outstanding Energy

The pace of modern life is fast and challenging. We live at a speed now that our genes and biology have not had the chance to adapt and evolve to. We’ve convinced ourselves that we’ve never had such a high quality of life but the truth is we are now ‘always on’. As a result, we are ageing faster and losing our vitality on an unprecedented scale.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Cutting edge advancements in personal genetic profiling now provide us with effective tools to understand how our unique DNA impacts our ability to produce and sustain energy and vitality.

2019 Edge of Leadership UnConference

In this interactive session Alessandra will help you identify your own unique genetic and biological Energy Type and unlock simple and effective scientific solutions to keep you firing at your best. This is truly the way of the future, and we are privileged to have access to her on the program.

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