Larapinta Leadership Program


Join us on the beautiful Larapinta trail out of Alice Springs next May 10-13

The program theme is LAUNCH.

Lemm 1.jpg


For leaders who are launching or want to launch:

New programs or services 

New businesses

New direction in their business or career

New energy for their team

New level of performance in work or business.


Key challenges for leaders attending:

Finding the time to think through the options thoroughly

How to develop and flesh out the most effective strategy for the results they want

Confidence and conviction that it is the right path.


Benefits for leaders attending:

Time and space to do the big picture thinking

Inspiration of extraordinary landscape to shape big picture thinking

Sounding board of other experienced leaders

Fast track thinking skills for doing high level strategy

One on one time with me to get bespoke, custom support and feedback for your specific challenge.

It was all awesome! Everything I’d hoped for and more. Everything about it was the best, every moment was amazing for what it was. I love the combination of nature, outdoors, leadership development and reflection. The conversations were really important. I was keen to be part of a group of people who were all interested in leadership development.
— Jane Boardman - 2017 participant
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What will happen on the expedition:

In the months leading up to the expedition, I will work with you one to one on your vision, your strategies, and the challenges you are facing as you take your business BOUNDLESS! Before we even get to the Larapinta you will be well on your way for growth and traction on your biggest ambitions.


LEMM 7.jpg

We will meet as a group the afternoon before in Alice Springs for introductions, overview of the program, and a gear check. Here you will meet your colleagues, share your intentions and goals for the expedition, and get to know one another. The next morning our guides will collect us from the hotel and we will begin our exploration of the spectacular Larapinta Trail.

We will walk just a few hours each day, with a specific reflection and learning activity along the way. The vistas will elevate our thinking. In the evening we will debrief and share our insights and questions around the campfire with a delicious meal cooked by our guides, taking advantage of the collective wisdom of the group. At the end of the trip back in civilisation, we will plan for next steps and future interactions as we get ready to implement our plan. You will return refreshed, focused, and ready to launch!

I was looking for time away from the hustle and daily grind. Time for reflection on the present and also where I am going. I wanted a chance to learn from a new network of people. The outdoor activities were fantastic! The reflection questions and the discussions were important as well. I loved the time in absolute peace in nature to stop and think about life. Also the evening session about what leadership has meant to each person. I found the stories really fascinating.
— Clare Emerson - 2017 participant
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How hard is the walking?

We walk just a few hours each day with day packs to see some of the most spectacular sites on the Larapinta trail. Average fitness is sufficient. 

Where do we sleep?

Our tour provider, Trek Tours Australia are very experienced guiding company and have semi-permanent campsites we have access to. They will provide swags/tents/sleeping bags for the duration. Think GLAMPING.

Can I have a shower?

The basecamps are equipped with bush showers with hot water heated on the fire. It's a little bit of luxury in a spectacuclar setting.

How big is the group?

We keep it small and cap it at 10 participants.

Do we have to cook and carry our own food?

The Trek Tours guides provide all the beautiful food and are fantastic cooks! They do all the hard work for us so we can simply enjoy the tasty and fabulous meals. We are at a basecamp, so we only need to carry a daypack on the walk with our personal belongings like a light jumper, snacks, water, and camera of course!

What if I am not a 'group thing' type of person?

Don't worry, this is a low key program. There is plenty of time for personal time and reflection. And plenty of open space to get your own personal space! 

LEMM 10.jpg

Investment: $3500 + GST pp

Includes all meals, accommodation for the duration of the expedition (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights)

Trek guiding fees

Leadership facilitation and training

Does not include flights to and from Alice Springs.


Want to know more?

Call us on 0416 177 073 or email



Hit reply and let me know you're keen. We can have a brief conversation about the details. 

*BOOK YOUR SPOT: Email and we'll lock it in for you*

 I look forward to spending this time with you!






The Full Immersion – Larapinta Trail Experience is a four-day hiking adventure designed to create a definitive break in your normal routine and get you centred, connected and motivated for the year ahead. Perspective and change often doesn’t happen without a shift in environment and this is your definitive shift.

This is your chance to get away, to engage, to begin your facilitated strategic mastermind discussions and to reflect in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

Stanford researchers have found that walking boosts creative inspiration and downtime in nature is essential for brain health. Just a few days immersed in nature can make you healthier, happier and more creative.

We walk up to six hours per day carrying light packs. A basic level of fitness is required. For those who are worried about fitness, we have a recommended training program to help you feel more comfortable along the track. Each participant needs to complete a medical form so we can help manage any medical or fitness conditions. The focus of the program is not physical endurance; it’s fresh thinking in fresh air. 

For more details see Larapinta Trail with World Expeditions.


Day 1 - Fly into Alice Springs today, transfer to camp at Camp Fearless.

Day 2 - Telegraph to Wallaby gap return to camp by 3.30pm stay Nicks Camp

Day 3 - Mt Sonder early in the morning for sunrise, return back to camp by 10.30am. Mastermind and leadership thinking workshops.

Day 4 - Visit sites along Tjoritja NP. Ochre pits (20min), Serpentine chalet dams (1.5hrs), Serpentine gorge (1hr), Ellery Ck Big hole (20min), Standley chasm, Aboriginal talk and visit to the chasm (2-3hrs), Simpson Gap (20min). Back to Alice Springs by 5pm – stay at Hotel (included)

What’s included:

▪   Professional wilderness guide and support staff

▪   Exclusive semi-permanent campsites

▪   Swags for sleeping (but not sleeping bags)

▪   Catering & dining utensils

▪   Off-road transport from Alice Springs

▪   All National Park and camping fees

▪   Comprehensive group first aid kit

▪   Emergency radio/sat phone

What’s not included:

▪   Airfares

▪   Accommodation in Alice Springs before and after the trip

▪   Items of a personal nature, such as laundry and postage

▪   Backpacks

▪   Sleeping Bag hire

▪   Alcoholic beverages

▪   Travel insurance

Have more questions?

Email Lisa to book your no obligation, introductory chat with Zoe.

 Zoë Routh - Director - Inner Compass

Zoë Routh - Director - Inner Compass


Who is having PUG? (Post UnConference Glow)



As you return to your usual work mode just remember, the investment you made in yourself will only show return if you avoid the CURVE OF FORGETTING by revisiting the material asap. 



Make sure you check out this PUG message from

your fabulous host Zoë Routh




To help extend your PUG and avoid the forgetting, here are all the podcasts and speaker worksheets for your reference. 

Also the notes from each breakout session to add to your tool kit!




The Right Environment Expert:

Alisa Moss of DJAS - Architecture and design


Access Alisa's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here. 




Simon Waller Headshot 2016-2.jpg

The Right Technology Expert:

Simon Waller - Author 


Access Simon's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here. 





Amy SIlver_EOL_UnConference_.jpg

The Right Review Expert:

Dr. Amy Silver - ClinPsyD MPhil MA BSc(Hons)


Access Amy's PODCAST here.

Access NOTES here.



Still  not enough for you??

Join us at the Post-Unconference Meet-up in Canberra on the 29th April. 

Details and bookings to come soon. 

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Program Delivery Schedule

It's a chance to sit around the table, have a bite of deliciousness and talk about what you're starting, wanting to start, shift or change in your business or role.

What projects do you have underway?

Where are the blocks or obstacles?

What are you wanting to do with your ideas?

How is the team engagement?

What's the next step?

I’m obsessed with helping people connect better. I love creating teams that are worth belonging too, for quests worth undertaking. This is a great opportunity to meet up, connect and get the inspiration and action to advance your purpose-driven project, and unite your team. But don't take my word for it! Check out what others say about Leadership Over Lunch...

“ An informal and effective medium for the exchange of experiences and ideas. ”
Mike C.

“ Great opportunity to connect with like minded others ”

Sonia I.

“ Great idea Zoe. I loved it (maybe a bit too much). I really love these sort of people. They give me hope. They are amazing. I felt really humbled. ”

John de M.


Calling adventuresome, restless professionals hungry for growth and their next career move and contribution.

Hark! Is this YOU?




Are you frustrated and bored? Time for a change?

Sick of the safe, known, and stable world you find yourself in?

Feel you are not progressing and you could do so much more?

Suspect you are being held back by other less capable, perhaps jealous co-workers?

Crave the unknown, growth, and are willing to risk failure to see beyond the horizon?

Ready to take on more responsibility and challenge but don’t know where to start?

Stalled in your work and life?

All revved up but nowhere to go?




You might have gaps in:




Confidence: it feels risky to put yourself forward.

Skills: not sure you have the right skill set for increased responsibility.

Knowledge: there are some things that you are just not that familiar with and you don’t want to look the fool or get caught out.



You might have BLOCKS about:



Belief: it’s hard to see yourself in a more senior position - could this really be you?

Vision: the future is uncertain, and your role even fuzzier.

Voice: you struggle to speak up and be counted - you might be seen, and judged.



We can make a lot of noise about change, but if we do nothing we are simply revving the engine. We need to get in gear, and commit to drive forward.


I can help.




In just 90 days we will:


Adventure Begins.jpg


Break down your blocks and use them to build a fortress of conviction.

Bridge the gap in your skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Build the plan to drive you forward in to your new role and world.



You’ll gain mobility with your decision-making and action-taking.You’ll start movement in your career. And with support, you will gain momentum in creating something new for yourself, and your family.




How it works:


We’ll do an audit of where you are now, where you want to get to, and what is holding you back. 

We’ll go to town on re-framing, releasing and otherwise smashing anything that is unnecessary and keeping you stalled.

We’ll zero in on your skills and knowledge gap and undertake mini-crash courses to up level your know-how, now.

We will map out a straightforward course of action with baby steps that will make you feel tall like a giant,  and brave like a lion. Roar!




90 Days to drive your world forward, fast!


Stop wasting time and energy in indecision. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities!


Let’s get you the courage to act.

Confidence in decisions. 

A plan of action.

And the oomph to make it happen.


OK! How do I get started?


Click the button below to book a 30-minute Q & A call with Zoë to see if this program is right for you.



Who is this program for?


I’ll be frank. My coaching roster is jam-packed already and my Boundless Teams programs demand a lot of my focus. I don’t have a lot of room for new clients so I need to be pretty picky. Therefore, I only work with big thinkers, with big hearts, who want to make a big difference.


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.37.57 pm.png


So, if you’re wondering if this is for you, then check:


Untitled 43.jpg

You’ve got a fierce heart and a will to succeed.

You are heart-centered and care deeply about the people you lead and work with.

You value learning and self-growth as a core responsibility as a leader.

You read widely and are hungry for learning.

You invest in your own well-being and take good care of yourself.

You value family, friends, as well as making time and space for yourself.

You seek feedback, even if it sometimes hurts a little.

You’re willing to put yourself on the line, even if it means getting embarrassed, or making mistakes.

You also give feedback to others, difficult as it can be at times.

You take 100% responsibility for your own life and work.

You have the funds, energy, and time to commit to your own growth and see this as the wisest investment you could make.



What does the program include? 


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.29.39 am.png

Preparatory material and self-assessment audits.

We will determine where you are right now, what's blocking you, and where the gaps might be.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.36.57 am.png

3 x 60 minute coaching calls with Zoë: 

These are laser focused support to get the insights, skills, and strategies you need to enhance your thinking, effectiveness, and focus as a leader.


                                Followup debrief notes

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.38.02 am.png

I am the only coaching I know if that provides followup debrief notes. These are a summary of our meeting and discussion points, along with additional insights and resources that may arise. This will help keep you on track and in action between our meetings.


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.39.56 am.png

Mini skill accelerator courses for skills shortfalls

Depending on where your gaps are, I will make sure you have the latest resources to upgrade your leadership capacity, capability, and delivery.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.30.08 am.png


A copy of Zoë’s books, Moments and Composure


Zoe 2 Books.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.33.41 am.png


Two free tickets to our new one day event, Boundless Leadership: Break   barriers to productivity, capability, and performance.

 Dates in June and September, 2018.


                                **Value** - $990.00 Including GST

                                   ($495.00 per ticket)



$3000 + GST



90 Day Accelerator Program


Zoë works with adventuresome, restless professionals hungry for growth. In this three month intensive she shows clients how to:  

Break down blocks and use them to build a fortress of conviction.

Bridge gaps in skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Build the plan to drive you forward in to your new role and world.



Grace Under Fire


Zoë works with select business leaders in private mentoring and coaching. 

She shows clients how to navigate high pressure environments with grace and grit.

She works with CEOs, General Managers, Managing Directors as a private sounding board and advisor.


           Practical, strategic, bespoke.

               6 and 12 month coaching programs available.
“Zoë is my ‘go to’ person whenever I need some leadership direction. Zoë has coached and guided me through personal and business challenges. She uses her caring nature to guide with intuition and understanding in a non judgmental way. I always feel totally safe confiding in Zoë, as I trust her. Her leadership skills have really assisted my confidence and my ability to lead my own team.”
— Claire Connelly, Owner - Papercut PTY LTD


Hear from exceptional people who are bringing social agenda - people and planet purpose - to their central business and future proofing strategy.


CASE STUDY: Peter Munday, Lennock Volkswagen

Peter Munday.jpg

Peter Munday is the Dealer Principal of Lennock Volkswagen. He started with the company at 21, and bought in to it in 2004. He has been with the company 33 years.

With his business he has raised over $4 million in the last eight years for charity. He is particularly passionate about adolescents mental health.  

His business supports Starlight Children Foundation, Canberra Hospital Foundation, including cancer services, adolescents, and mental health services, Snowy Hydro South Care Helicopter, Menslink.

The annual Volkswagen Drive for the Community raises $60,000 annually for local charities.

Peter believes, "The power of people brings people together."


DIRECTOR COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS  In his wide-ranging role at Master Builders ACT, David is accountable for all marketing and communications for the Association.

Since late 2006 his responsibilities include; Publishing, Event Management, Sponsorship, Advertising, Online Marketing and Membership Liaison.

Previous to that (1995 to 2006), David was General Manager of Radio Canberra operators for 2CC and 2CA.



Case Study: Stand by....

One more inspiring leader to join us soon. 



Hear from exceptional people who are bringing social agenda - people and planet purpose - to their central business and future proofing strategy.


CASE STUDY: Peter Munday, Lennock Volkswagen

Peter Munday.jpg

Peter Munday is the Dealer Principal of Lennock Volkswagen. He started with the company at 21, and bought in to it in 2004. He has been with the company 33 years.

With his business he has raised over $2.7 million in the last eight years for charity. He is particularly passionate about adolescents mental health.  

His business supports Starlight Children Foundation, Canberra Hospital Foundation, including cancer services, adolescents, and mental health services, Snowy Hydro South Care Helicopter, Menslink.

The annual Volkswagen Drive for the Community raises $60,000 annually for local charities.

Peter believes, "The power of people brings people together."


Read our other case studies by clicking on the images below.


Hear from exceptional people who are bringing social agenda - people and planet purpose - to their central business and future proofing strategy.



Michael is the Deputy Executive Director at Master Builders ACT, a position he has held since May 2015. In this role, Michael is responsible for all aspects of the operations of the MBA, overseeing the provision of services to more than 1,200 members businesses and representing the views of the construction industry to government.

Michael's background is a combination of local government and industry experience, most notably leading large scale projects throughout Australia. Michael holds qualifications in business and urban planning.

The Master Builders charity projects generated extraordinary results in 2016. A grand sum of $3.025 million was raised from the sale of two properties in Deakin, with $2.2 million distributed to three local Canberra charities supporting people with disabilities. These included Boundless, an all abilities playground, Hands Across Canberra, a community foundation that distributes funds to 150 local charities, and Hartley Lifecare, who run facilities for people with disabilities. The properties were designed and built by members of Master Builders ACT, many of whom donated their time or did the work at cost or for free to bring the homes to life. It's a remarkable story of generosity and collaboration across the building sector and the ACT Land Development Agency. Read more here.


Read our other case studies by clicking on the images below.


Hear from exceptional people who are bringing social agenda - people and planet purpose - to their central business and future proofing strategy.


Case study: Trisha Wong, The Snow foundation

and Pranjali palnitkar, Global sisters

The Snow Foundation is a Canberra-based Foundation established in 1991 by local Snow family entrepreneurs. They quietly go about the business of supporting disadvantaged community in Canberra and surrounds. One of the organisations they support is Global Sisters. Global Sisters provide a genuine alternative for women who aren’t able to participate in mainstream employment.  They help make self-employment a viable option by providing women with the tools, networks and resources to establish or grow a business. It's a great story of giving a hand up and the power of business to transforms lives.

Trisha WongSml.jpg


As Relationship Manager, Trisha Wong manages Canberra relationships to enable higher engagement with Foundation partners, develop stronger communication and an increase in networking.  Trisha has worked across the community, business and government sectors in national and local not-for-profits. 



Pranjali is a natural problem solver and passionate about helping women fight the odds and become financially independent. She has been involved with Global Sisters since its early days and brings extensive management experience in the hospitality industry as well as 8+ years in the not-for-profit sector in Australia and overseas. Pranjali has a double Masters degree in Business Administration and a degree in International Affairs.



The Snow Foundation has a very straightforward aim - see someone struggling and you give them a helping hand. Over the years, the Foundation has assisted in diverse fields such as the purchase of vital equipment and supplies for people with disabilities; kitchen utensils for the blind; wigs for the Cancer Council; breakfasts and educational scholarships for disadvantaged youth; art supplies for the ‘Painting with Parkinson’s program; sleep monitor, sofa, bobcat and bikes.

In the 21 years since it was established, The Snow Foundation has reached out to help more than 200 different organisations and individuals, providing over $16 million in funding which includes $400,000 to individuals.

Global Sisters is a global innovation and an Australian first. The model is a market led and technology based solution for women who want to start up or grow a business. Global Sisters provides a genuine alternative for women who aren’t able to participate in mainstream employment.  By removing common barriers and providing women with the tools, networks and resources to establish or grow a business, self-employment becomes a viable option.

Global Sisters is addressing the gap in society where women who are financially excluded or face barriers due to their circumstances have limited and limiting options. They offer a better alternative to low income employment and welfare through a flexible, innovative solution that harnesses the potential of women as entrepreneurs.

As an organisation, they are committed to sustainability through the development of income streams and leveraging technology together with community partnerships to scale 



Read our other case studies by clicking on the images below. 

2018 Un-Conference: From Mutiny to Loyalty - How employee experience drives engagement

Details here!

Get a peek in to the 2017 UnConference:

The inaugural edge of leadership conference took place in Canberra March 2017. The conference explored the themes of: - Strategic Leadership Thinking Skills to help you plan for and manage the tsunami of change ahead. - Finding inspiration to create and implement a social agenda for your business purpose that is good for you, good for others, and good for business.


The 2018 UnConference details are here now!

Canberra’s dedicated leadership event for game changers.

An absolute must for business leaders looking to innovate, master and grow their businesses.



Conscious Leadership Capacities Form

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Table Host: Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon is the principal in Economic Futures Australia. EFA formed to bring together a number of Australia’s leading economic development professionals to help Governments, research organisation and companies to achieve their economic development and community engagement ambitions.  It operates at the interface between institutions, business and the community. Peter also plays a significant role in the Canberra community as:

  • CEO of Hands Across Canberra, a community foundation making an impact by keeping local generosity local and in raising the capability of charities
  • Immediate past President of Duo Australia, Canberra’s largest provider of respite and other services to people in need;
  • Chair of the Gullen Range and Crookwell 2 and 3 Wind Farm and Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre Community Consultative Committees;
  • Board member of the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature; 
  • Board member of the Canberra Area Theatre Awards; and 
  • Board member of SmartStart for Kids and the Indigenous Marathon Foundation

Table Host: Carrie Leeson

Carrie Leeson, CEO Lifeline Canberra

Carrie began at Lifeline Canberra as a volunteer telephone crisis supporter during her years managing her corporate health business.  In 2011 she joined the Lifeline Canberra Board as a director before stepping into the CEO role in 2014.  She has served as the Chair for the Workplace Health Association of Australia, Advisory Council to Aspen Medical, Executive Director on the board of the Health and Productivity Institute and is currently a board director for the Early Morning Centre assisting those living tough in our community.   She has worked with government, community, schools and businesses to generate sustainable health outcomes. As Table Host, she will share how businesses get involved with Lifeline and the impact it has.



David Rae, DPR Accountants and Advisors

David has been in the financial services industry for over a decade. He motivates and guides his clients to achieve what is important to them and to live the life of their dreams. Aside from running his business he is deeply interested in how professionals can utilise social and digital media. He has spoken at numerous conferences on this topic including at the Adviser Edge Summit, Securitor Annual Conference and Magnitude Think Tank.

David has received a number of awards in the past few years including a Financial Planning Association Best Practice Award and a dealer group Adviser of the Year award. He has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Sky News Business TV, Financial Standard, Adviser Voice and Wealth Professional. David appeared on a TV series in 2016 that aimed at helping Australians get a better understanding of their financial future. 

DPR supports East Lake Football Club, Soldier On, Global Sisters, and the Canberra Hospital Foundation through sponsorship and pro bono work.

Table Host Juliette ford


Juliette Ford, Director and Deputy CEO at Farrar Gesini Dunn Group 

Juliette has worked in the legal industry for 24 years mainly in the area of Family Law and has been with FGD since 2001. In her practice she specialises in out of court solutions and managing and understanding conflict  - drawing upon her experience as a litigation lawyer, as a Registrar of the Family Court of Australia and the work she has done in the area of Collaborative Law. She is known for being approachable, empathetic, kind and understanding. In her role as Deputy CEO, she focuses upon ensuring the people in her organisation are all passionate about the work that the organisation does and doing that work the best possible way in accordance with FGD’s raison d’etre and Values.

She grew up in Melbourne, has crossed the Nullarbor and loves the West and now calls Canberra home. Juliette is a mad sports fan, keen swimmer and wannabe runner and  cyclist. She is known for her many strengths with particular focus on Negotiated Settlements, Mediation, Collaborative Law and Complex financial structures.

Juliette has long been involved with community based organisations – whether at the St Kilda Community Legal Centre in Melbourne or Sussex st Community Legal Centre in WA as a volunteer or working at the Aboriginal  Legal Service in WA heading up its family law section or at Welfare Rights and Legal Centre and Women’s Legal Centre in Canberra.

She is currently on the Board of the Women’s Legal Centre and the Eastlake Football Club in Canberra.

FGD also supports the Tara Costigan Foundation and Menslink.

Table Host Melissa Healy


Melissa Healy, Director - DFK Everalls and Everalls Wealth Management

Melissa has been in financial services for nearly 30 years. She oversees a variety of clients but specialises in plain English, practical advice for small to medium businesses.  After running her own accounting practice and working as Finance Manager for various businesses she gained a great deal of insight into the day to day issues faced by business owners. She is known to provide practical advice that helps others run outstanding businesses.  She encourages business owners to ask themselves why they are in business and leads them to implement strategies that improve their functions and achieve their business goals.  Melissa is a full licenced financial planner too so after helping clients to increase their wealth she can help them protect it, make it work as hard as they did so that they can retire gracefully in due course.

You can also find Melissa “chasing” cows, building fences and playing in the vege patch on her 600acre cattle farm between Braidwood & Cooma. 

"I love inspiring & educating proactive business owners and investors to manage their business and personal finances better so that they can achieve their goals." - Melissa Healy

DFK Everalls has been an active member of the community since its inception over 40 years ago. DFK Everalls takes pride in supporting a range of charities and community programs including:

 Health Research with Breast Cancer Australia and actively fundraising for “Movember" - Prostate Cancer and Men's Mental Health.

Support for Community Services such as Ronald McDonald House and Canberra Times Fun Run - Heart Foundation. 

 Local Canberra partnerships with annual group participation in 'Meals from the Heart', sponsorship for The Canberra Comedy Festival and the ACT Chief Ministers Export Awards

Table Host Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes, Partner at RSM Australia

Andrew gets a kick out of working with business owners and organisations to improve their bottom line and allow them to do what they do, better than ever before.

On top of over 20 years experience as a Chartered Accountant and business adviser, Andrew has owned and been involved in running two businesses for over 10 years, which has given him a firsthand understanding of the issues and opportunities his clients face. Andrew has helped run a gym as well as had an interest in a large commercial cleaning company.

Andrew manages a team of advisers who regularly consult on high level financial and strategic initiatives across local and Commonwealth government departments and agencies, as well as small to large businesses. With experience across a range of sectors, Andrew prides himself on providing concise, clear and tailored advice for a range of complex issues, including: - Business planning and enterprise resource planning - Corporate structures and corporate governance - Cloud strategy implementation - Digital Strategy - Business and asset valuations - Financial system review - Cash flow management and financing. As well as assisting with technical matters Andrew is able to analyse the financial performance of clients. 

RSM supports a number of local charities through its organisation and through the individual contributions of its staff, including Menslink, Lifeline, and many others.

Table Host Sheryle Moon

Sheryle Moon- Chief Evangelist at Spinify

Sheryle has spent twenty of her thirty year career in “C” suite (Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operations Officer) level positions. Her career evidences experience as a practitioner, executive, and coach (individual and organisation) in a diverse range of sectors including ICT, Human Services, Retail, Defense and Government. She has held leadership roles in ASX listed, Fortune 500, start-up and the Not–For-Profit companies. Her hands-on experience in fast-paced environments have endowed her with a deep and nuanced knowledge of how to run projects and teams across multi-geographic environments. 

Sheryle is a Non-Executive Director with the Santa Fe Gallery Association and the Freilich Foundation at the Australian National University. 

She is recognized as an inspirational executive who can move organisations and the people within it from one operational state to an enhanced position. She undertook such transformations at Accenture, CSC, Manpower and her Association roles where she was asked by the Boards to execute a change agenda. She enjoys working with organisations and individuals who are seeking cultural shifts.

Specialties: Organisational change, managing complex organisations across geographic and functionally disparate areas. Government lobbying, profile raising for individuals and organisations.

Table Host Todd Wright

Todd Wright - Director at Threesides Marketing

Todd is a Marketing and Digital specialist with a passion for creative thinking and innovative marketing and PR. What does that all mean? He uses marketing for good and not evil, is never short of a good idea and creates marketing goodness where ever he goes.

As the co-founder and director of Threesides Marketing in Canberra, he works with a team that not only delivers marketing consultancy services, but fill in the missing link with implementation and marketing evaluation. 

His strengths lie in online business, digital marketing strategy, social media and marketing development, using new technology in business and partnership marketing. Equally he is at home with Public Relations, media management and training. At last count he has presented over 260 workshops to over 4000 participants.

He has valuable industry experience with sectors including Professional services, Destination Marketing, Legal, Food & Wine, Government, Education, Youth Brand marketing and Retail.

Specialties: Marketing, Public Relations, Media Management, Research, Relationship management, Social marketing, event management, business development, Training, Facilitation, online marketing, Social Media, Tourism Industry.

Todd is a mentor Menslink. Threesides provides sponsorship and pro bono work for a number of local  community organisations. 

Table Host Susan Helyar

Susan Helyar_Headshot.jpg

Susan Helyar - Director at ACT Council of Social Service

Susan Helyar is committed to building a more just and inclusive community, where everyone lives with dignity. Her career has focused on making a difference - as a social worker, in policy roles in ACT and Commonwealth governments, as the leader of services development advocacy work for UnitingCare Australia. 

Susan's direct practice included working in community health, mental health and disability employment. Her social policy work included service development and policy reform across the lifespan, with a focus on mental health, childcare, gambling, women's and children's health and social inclusion. She has supported development of the social work profession as a field educator.



Stand by for more fabulous table hosts as they are confirmed!