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Discover the keys to greater leadership success through Zoe's relatable stories and practicable actions in her three books; Composure, Moments and the recently released Loyalty.




Stop unwanted staff turnover, boost engagement, and create lifelong advocates

Loyalty is a practical handbook for business leaders who seek to answer the question: “Why do good people leave a good organisation?”


While some employers wing it, or try to manage a staff member quitting only after it happens, Loyalty helps you establish the long-term strategies and approaches to creating good workplace culture, before the rot sets in.


This handbook can be used as a step-by-step, practical guide to engage high potential staff as well as create the environments that good people want to engage in. It can also be used as a more reflective document for those wanting deeper thinking around workplace culture.


With practical tools and step-by-step exercises, Loyalty helps you foster long-term employee engagement – long before you hear the words: “I quit.”


BONUS Materials:

Podcast interviews

1. Sarah Riegelhuth, finance expert, entrepreneur, and author of Get Rich Slow

2. Craig Cherry, customer service expert and Director of The Loyalty Zone

3.Megan Bromley, former Head of Employee Experience at RedBalloon

4. How to stop turnover in small to medium enterprises

Templates and Checklists

1. Team Compass template: create your own team guidelines

2. Boundless Teams checklist: assess your leadership capacity

3. Touchpoint Cadence planner and agendas: set up your meetings for success

"I sunk my teeth into this book and read it from cover to cover! I got super excited seeing all the practical suggestions and for putting these ideas into place in my team!" Roxanne Ebina, owner, Nunie and YU

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Leadership when it matters most

This is your handbook to find the courage to walk your talk, say what you mean, and do the right thing. 

This is what is possible for you: be fierce in your heart, gentle in your presence, and sound in your conviction. Through stories and exercises, Zoë Routh guides you through managing the toughest moments: the depths of personal rock bottom; the squeeze of ethical challenges between a rock and hard place; and toe-to-toe in the heat of the moment.

"Buyer beware ...Zoë Routh leaves you nowhere to hide in this book.  'Moments' is a call to arms for leaders to lead in the moment, and is critical for reading for any leader who wants to be the best they can be." 

- Peter Cook, CEO, Thought Leaders Global 

"I am just starting on my personal leadership development, and after reading Moments I feel buoyant! This is a fantastic guide to breaking down difficult situations into achievable steps, whilst remaining authentic and true to yourself. I am encouraged to start working towards some new leadership goals.”

- Elise Bowen

All Australian orders will be personally signed, lovingly hand-packaged, sprinkled with good luck fairy dust and whisked away by unicorns and delivered straight to you.

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How Centered Leaders Make the Biggest Impact

A complete manifesto for Self Mastery. This is the critical handbook for a deep and resonant platform for life and leadership. 

More than ever, leaders need grace under fire. This is the ability to stay calm when all else is in chaos. This is the leaders' handbook for developing wise and compassionate leadership, regardless of circumstances.



More on Composure by Zoë Routh

Being able to stay steady and calm when the pressure mounts is a key leadership attribute. There are multiple demands on leaders, at home, at work, with constant distractions and interruptions. Losing your cool or shutting down risks your reputation, relationships, and position. 

Being able to respond rather than react builds others’ confidence in your leadership ability and creates an atmosphere where everyone contributes. 

Through reflection, focused exercises, and storytelling, Zoë Routh’s Composure invites you to explore your own quest to become a centered leader. Drawing upon insights from experienced leaders, you are guided through your own leadership journey.

Composure helps you frame and focus your personal quest, develop an understanding of your key leadership challenges, learn to live in courage and faith, and to develop your unique leadership presence.

You’ll become the leader you’d love to follow.

Composure shows how to build strong foundations that keep you steady day to day. It also shows what to do in the heat of the moment, when the stakes are high. 

Praise for the Book


“Grace under fire, that has to be the definition of a great leader. How to hold the nerve while all around you is in chaos. As we enter the decade of disruption, Zoë’s treatise on leadership composure is a perfect antidote to the disruption and volatility all leaders live with on a daily basis.”
~ Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global, www.mattchurch.com

“Your book speaks to me. I now know where I am and where I want to be.” 
– Sheryll Fisher, www.outbackin.com.au

“What a great book for leaders within large organisations to read! With so much going on internally it can be hard to navigate time and space for empowering your team and yourself. Zoë’s style of writing is very personal, and she generously shares a great deal of herself in the pages, which makes this an easy read. The insights shared and thought provoking suggestions help guide the reader to consider themselves, their role as a leader and how they are (and want to be) received. It can be challenging to negotiate a strong position as a leader within a large organisation, so this book is a great step in the process of building your position as a leader of note, someone others want to work with.” 
– Sam Trattles, www.othersideofthetable.com.au

“You can’t read Zoë’s new book without a few moments where you think ‘did that really just happen’? From fighting cancer, to tragedy at a fun run, Zoë writes about confronting the dragon we all face. It’s in our moments of greatest challenge that being centered has the biggest impact. Zoë shows how being composed as a leader is not a fad or a fashion, but one of the most important tools for the modern leader. Whether you’re guiding yourself, your team or your organisation this book is full of practical examples and exercises to help you develop your unique leadership presence.” 
– Andrew Pratley, www.drandrewpratley.com

“Never has there been a greater need for this book. Composure provides the answer to the question we’re too stretched to ask; How do we stay centered in the storm of leadership life? Thank you Zoë for sharing this profound work with the world!” 
– Anneli Blundell, www.anneliblundell.com