DR JASON FOX, Keynote Speaker Extraordinaire and consultant to fortune 500 companies

Defaults - established ways of doing things - are an important element of any enterprise. We need them. They save us a heap of time, and make us much more efficient but most organisations have become cursed with efficiency and default thinking. We’re all so busy and so what happens is more of the same. We seek quick fixes and familiar solutions that tick the right boxes and save us time - but in doing so lead us closer down the path toward irrelevance. To stay relevant we must know when, and how, to disrupt default thinking so that we may pioneer new strategies beyond the established path...

"Only one thing is certain: things are going to get even more uncertain. Instinctively you know this. Nearly everything is changing, and faster than ever before. Conventional attempts to tackle these challenges are typically fixed and rigid. To build for the future of work, we need something different". - Dr Jason Fox

Businesses all over the globe are beginning to introduce a social agenda into their business planning. A social agenda is anything a business does to support the community. Social agendas are giving businesses a strong competitive edge, a better brand and are helping inspire direction and increase staff morale and teamwork. Doing well is also becoming fused with doing good but what are the best ways to implement a social agenda? 

Canberra leaders will present case studies of successful social agendas in action so be prepared to take notes and be inspired.

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ZOE ROUTH, Leadership specialist and founder and Director of Inner Compass Leadership Development


Let's hone your strategic thinking skills for immediate application to your business acumen.We are experiencing more change in the last ten years than we have in the previous thousand! We are living in the age of exponential change. The river of change is turbulent and ferocious.  If we just go with the flow, the current will take us for a ride - sometimes fun, sometimes treacherous. With the culture of busy, getting our head above water to see what is going on is difficult. We need rituals for reflection and skills of interpretation. That way we can steer our business boat with confidence and aplomb, and enjoy the ride!

Participate in unique and intimate roundtable discussions lead by business leaders in Canberra who are actively engaged in social agenda in various forms.

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