FREE WEBCAST 24 September, 12-1pm

For senior leaders in construction, building, design, engineering

Boom or Bust: 3 People Stuff strategies to make it through the tough times ahead

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DEEP THINK RETREAT 15-17 November 2019, Thredbo NSW

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Our community is focused on three things:

1. Developing leadership skills
2. Creating strong professional connections
3. Enjoying fun, powerful experiences that shift perspective and possibilities.

Events include leadership training workshops, networking events, and our signature Larapinta experience.

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Events Feedback

This was a fantastic day. Very valuable for even non-managers as well. I discovered how important it is to look at long term strategy. I realised safe environments aren’t always difficult to create. It’s better to be proactive than complacent. There was very relevant information to retain staff and create sustainable business.
— 2018 UnConference Delegate
“10/10 Zoe! Always so practical, relevant and applicable to any industry.”
— 2018 UnConference Delegate
The networking aspect was fantastic! Great facilitated questions. Awesome speakers. Hard to find a way to make it better!
— 2017 UnConference Delegate
Loved the format, learnt a lot from the speakers and the people at my tables.
— 2017 UnConference Delegate
The Un-Conference idea worked brilliantly. Successfully combined leadership content with networking.
— 2017 UnConference Delegate