What is social agenda?

This is simply what a business does to support the community. This can be through straight donations, to providing staff time and resources. It may also include focusing on a specific issue that you feel passionately about such as homelessness, or the arts, or in the case of Menslink, supporting young men at risk.

How does social agenda fit with leadership thinking?

I believe that businesses with a strong social agenda will have strong competitive edge and will help inspire themselves and their staff through difficult times. Make the business do better so it can keep doing good. In business I believe, Do Well, Do Good.

Why should I attend?

The day is about three things:

1. Stay relevant by being up to date with emerging trends - this is strategic thinking and planning

2. Build a better business network

3. Be inspired! Be inspiring! Create/hone/share your social agenda (what you do for community) with other business owners.

How many are we expecting?

We have seats for 100 with capacity to go to 130. It will be a powerful intimate affair.

Who will be there?

The event is focused on the SME to bigger business private sector businesses. There will also be folks from the incredible not for profit sector here in Canberra. 

It's for charity - will you be selling raffle tickets?

All profits from the event will go to Menslink and Outward Bound. We are funding the event from ticket sales and sponsoring businesses. Attendees are invited to donate to Menslink after they register. There are no other fundraising activities on the day.

Social Agenda for Business Profit sounds creepy and self serving. What's with that?

You can smell someone who is inauthentic a mile away! The business owners we have invited to showcase as case studies or table hosts are fair dinkum, genuine, big hearted people. They support charity because IT FEELS GOOD and IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. And here's the thing - when businesses do WELL, they can do GOOD. The better they do, the more good they do. I see these two aspects of business and community support as a symbiotic positive relationship.

What’s in it for the event organiser, Zoë Routh?

As a leadership expert, I believe it’s important to actually DO leadership not just teach it! This is about me walking the talk for issues I care deeply about: showing young men how to be good men, and inspiring business to do well by doing good in the world.