Larapinta Leadership Program


Join us on the beautiful Larapinta trail out of Alice Springs next May 10-13

The program theme is LAUNCH.

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For leaders who are launching or want to launch:

New programs or services 

New businesses

New direction in their business or career

New energy for their team

New level of performance in work or business.


Key challenges for leaders attending:

Finding the time to think through the options thoroughly

How to develop and flesh out the most effective strategy for the results they want

Confidence and conviction that it is the right path.


Benefits for leaders attending:

Time and space to do the big picture thinking

Inspiration of extraordinary landscape to shape big picture thinking

Sounding board of other experienced leaders

Fast track thinking skills for doing high level strategy

One on one time with me to get bespoke, custom support and feedback for your specific challenge.

It was all awesome! Everything I’d hoped for and more. Everything about it was the best, every moment was amazing for what it was. I love the combination of nature, outdoors, leadership development and reflection. The conversations were really important. I was keen to be part of a group of people who were all interested in leadership development.
— Jane Boardman - 2017 participant
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What will happen on the expedition:

In the months leading up to the expedition, I will work with you one to one on your vision, your strategies, and the challenges you are facing as you take your business BOUNDLESS! Before we even get to the Larapinta you will be well on your way for growth and traction on your biggest ambitions.


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We will meet as a group the afternoon before in Alice Springs for introductions, overview of the program, and a gear check. Here you will meet your colleagues, share your intentions and goals for the expedition, and get to know one another. The next morning our guides will collect us from the hotel and we will begin our exploration of the spectacular Larapinta Trail.

We will walk just a few hours each day, with a specific reflection and learning activity along the way. The vistas will elevate our thinking. In the evening we will debrief and share our insights and questions around the campfire with a delicious meal cooked by our guides, taking advantage of the collective wisdom of the group. At the end of the trip back in civilisation, we will plan for next steps and future interactions as we get ready to implement our plan. You will return refreshed, focused, and ready to launch!

I was looking for time away from the hustle and daily grind. Time for reflection on the present and also where I am going. I wanted a chance to learn from a new network of people. The outdoor activities were fantastic! The reflection questions and the discussions were important as well. I loved the time in absolute peace in nature to stop and think about life. Also the evening session about what leadership has meant to each person. I found the stories really fascinating.
— Clare Emerson - 2017 participant
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How hard is the walking?

We walk just a few hours each day with day packs to see some of the most spectacular sites on the Larapinta trail. Average fitness is sufficient. 

Where do we sleep?

Our tour provider, Trek Tours Australia are very experienced guiding company and have semi-permanent campsites we have access to. They will provide swags/tents/sleeping bags for the duration. Think GLAMPING.

Can I have a shower?

The basecamps are equipped with bush showers with hot water heated on the fire. It's a little bit of luxury in a spectacuclar setting.

How big is the group?

We keep it small and cap it at 10 participants.

Do we have to cook and carry our own food?

The Trek Tours guides provide all the beautiful food and are fantastic cooks! They do all the hard work for us so we can simply enjoy the tasty and fabulous meals. We are at a basecamp, so we only need to carry a daypack on the walk with our personal belongings like a light jumper, snacks, water, and camera of course!

What if I am not a 'group thing' type of person?

Don't worry, this is a low key program. There is plenty of time for personal time and reflection. And plenty of open space to get your own personal space! 

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Investment: $3500 + GST pp

Includes all meals, accommodation for the duration of the expedition (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights)

Trek guiding fees

Leadership facilitation and training

Does not include flights to and from Alice Springs.


Want to know more?

Call us on 0416 177 073 or email



Hit reply and let me know you're keen. We can have a brief conversation about the details. 

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 I look forward to spending this time with you!