Exclusive Mastermind For

Big Thinkers, With Big Hearts,

To Make A Big Difference

Are you a purpose-driven CEO, General Manager, Partner or Director who is faced with:

  1. Breakneck Pace of Work - everything is urgent and important. There is relentless pressure to deliver.
  2. Disruption and Volatility - staying on top of issues to make the most informed decision
  3. Global Pressures - politics, markets, environmental disasters - how to respond and stay on the front foot
  4. Competition - there is a driving need for innovation
  5. Staff Issues - succession planning, development, culture, office politics. There are always staff issues to deal with
  6. Time to Think - finding time out for big picture strategy and thinking
  7. Isolation - It's lonely at the top.

How would you like:

Better decisions with half the angst.

Quality connections for lifetime allies.

A lasting legacy with global impact.

It’s time to get out of the jungle

and see the world from a mountaintop.

                                                            Mount Sonder - on the Larapinta Trail

                                                           Mount Sonder - on the Larapinta Trail

The Leadership Circle is a twelve month group and individual development experience.


NON THINKERS are in survival mode. It’s hand to mouth.

LINEAR THINKERS have short term plans that get them from A to B.

SYSTEMS THINKER embrace complexity to ensure progress. It’s a tipping point.

DEVELOPMENT THINKERS explore how they might influence the system for all stakeholder growth.

GLOBAL THINKERS initiate and guide transformation that has lasting positive effect. This is legacy work.

Where are you on this ladder? Where would you like to be?

How We Get There:

The Five Edges of Leadership

1. Your Personal Edge

Purpose. Contribution. Capacity.

2. Your Thinking Edge

Global trends. Strategic thinking. Meaningful progress.

3. Your Team Edge

Culture. Cohesion. Commitment.

4. Your Performance Edge

Energy. Planning. Delivery.

5. Your Connection Edge

Networks. Reputation. Relationships.

What You Get

1. Your Curated A-Team 

Membership of the group is through application and interview. I want to make sure we’re suited, and that the group is a good fit for you. 

2. Outdoor Inspiration

Get time and space for reflection. Big skies give big inspiration.

Each program starts with a four day adventure in a beautiful location.

The next program will be on the Larapinta Trail, out of Alice Springs. May 11-14, 2017. Full details are here: http://www.larapintatrailwalk.com.au/

The agenda looks like this:

Day 1 - Fly into Alice Springs today, transfer to camp at Camp Fearless.

Day 2 - Telegraph to Wallaby gap return to camp by 3.30pm stay Nicks Camp

Day 3 - Mt Sonder early in the morning for sunrise, return back to camp by 10.30am. Mastermind and leadership t thinking workshops.

Day 4 - Visit sites along Tjoritja NP. Ochre pits (20min), Serpentine chalet dams (1.5hrs), Serpantine gorge (1hr), Ellery Ck Big hole (20min), Standley chasm, Aboriginal talk and visit to the chasm (2-3hrs), Simpson Gap (20min). Back to Alice Springs by 5pm – stay at Hotel (included)

*While we explore and marvel in the beautiful environment, we will connect and reflect. There will be strategic mastermind discussions as well as opportunity for reflection and sounding board time.

3. Strategic Leadership Thinking With Your Mastermind Group

Post Larapinta, there will be six bi-monthly leadership development mastermind meetings. Each meeting will include a development component that I will lead. This includes strategic leadership thinking, such as building a productivity culture, current trend impact, collaboration skills and future thinking. The Mastermind meeting will also provide you an opportunity to present your challenges, and gain insight and support from your colleagues. This is your personal, curated Board of Directors.

4. One-to-One Executive Coaching

The program includes an initial personal strategy meeting to discuss your personal professional objectives, challenges and opportunities. You then have five one hour meetings with me for your exclusive support.

5. Leadership Maturity Profile Map

This is an advanced leadership thinking assessment that maps your current leadership thinking capacity. From this we will plan your individual learning and growth strategy, depending on your individual objectives.

6. Linked In Group

A private online gathering space to share ideas, questions, resources between meetings.

7. Monthly Curated Books

Each month we will ship a carefully selected text from the world's best thinkers to support your leadership thinking and development. 


Let's talk! Email my assistant lisa@innercompass.com.au to book in for an introductory chat to see if the program is right for you.

Next Group Starts May 2017.

                                                   Serptentine Gorge on the Larapinta Trail

                                                  Serptentine Gorge on the Larapinta Trail

Frequently Asked Questions

  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your background? What makes you so good at what you do?

I have 30 years experience working with thousands of people in Canada, the US, Australia and around the world. People are my passion. 

Learning is the elixir of leadership.

What other companies have you worked with?

I’ve worked with a number of rural industry associations, university leaders up to and including Vice Chancellors, federal and state public service agencies, and private professional service firms including some of the big four legal firms.

Four days away from work and home for the Larapinta walk is a lot. Is it worth it?

The program is an investment and an insurance. It’s an investment in your professional reputation and an investment in your business longevity. Make better decisions faster.

It’s insurance against irrelevance and being caught unaware by emerging trends and important shifts in your market. Know first, do first.

I've heard it's really hard and I really not fit.

We walk up to six hours per day carrying light packs. A basic level of fitness is required. We havea recommended training program to help you feel more comfortable along the track. Each participant needs to complete a medical form so we can help manage any medical or fitness conditions. The focus of the program is not physical endurance, it’s fresh thinking in fresh air. 

Is it only for me or should I bring my divisional heads along?

This program is best suited to the business leader alone, to allow confidential and frank feedback from independent peers. We can run a bespoke program for your senior team to build collective insight and thinking.

What difference does walking along a trail really make?

Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration. Read the full article here. http://news.stanford.edu/2014/04/24/walking-vs-sitting-042414/

Downtime in nature is essential for brain health. See the research here:  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mental-downtime/

Just three days in nature can make you healthier, happier, and more creative. Read the research here: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2016/01/call-to-wild-text

Have you got any testimonials?

I have many testimonials on my website and LinkedIn profile. Here is a recent one:

"Zoë is very perceptive in analysing clients’ needs and uses a variety of different tools and strategies to customise her delivery, thus providing bespoke and fit for purpose programs. Zoë also has that unique ability to instigate critical change of thought patterns within a business or organisation. Zoë draws from internal change she has taken on from her own life challenges, so she leads by personal example. Her holistic approach assists to make Zoë’s coaching and training genuine and inherently valuable, leaving an indelible mark on her clients."

-Alex Ogg, Operations Manager, Western Australia Fishing Industry Council

Do you have closed Facebook or social media group we can stay connected and share ideas?

The program has a private LinkedIn group so members an continue to soundboard, share ideas, and ask for support or advice between group mentoring sessions. It’s a great place to share resources and insights too.

Were you really saying I wasn’t a very good CEO?

The best CEOs know leadership is not a game played solo. They know the development of the organisation and industry is constrained by the development of the leader. The best CEOs seek to learn and improve continually, in elite like-minded company.  In the words of Brian Tracy, Robin Sharma, Tom Peters and may more - leaders are learners.

Have you been a CEO yourself?

I have been in leadership roles all my life. I have held senior executive roles in every organisation I’ve worked in these last thirty years. My leadership experience includes Chair of the OutdoorCouncil of Australia, President of the Chamber of Women in Business, and Director of my own company, Inner Compass Australia. CEOs choose me for my laser insight, ruthless compassion, and straight talk, down to earth approach.

What makes you different to anybody else offering this service?

I bring outdoor wisdom to the boardroom jungle. With my years of rough wilderness adventure, I know what it takes to stay calm on the edge and make sound decisions under pressure. We forge boardroom stars under the stars.

What sort of guarantee do we get for the results that you are promising?

I have a full satisfaction guarantee. if you’re not happy, I’ll give your money back. You can cancel participation in the program any time with no admin penalty fees. 

Does group work really make a difference?

More brains are better than one. Being able to articulate a challenge, ask multiple perspectives, and gather insights from other senior leaders is wisdom distilled. The mastermind is the collective wisdom of nine other senior leaders careers - hundreds of years of experience at your fingertips. A problem shared is a problem halved - together we are better.

Who are your competitors?

Mt Eliza Business School is one competitor. They offer similar high level leadership thinking development in a five day residential. What’s different about our program is that we build strong bonds through adventure. The peer learning is thus based deeply on trust and shared experience. We continue the development over time so there is room for experimentation, feedback, and development.

How can you measure the improvements?

Each participant undertakes an initial learning and leadership capacity assessment. We identify critical outcomes for the individual, and then we track this week by week in a coaching app called Achiiva. We see the shifts over time and course correct as we go.

Am I going to be in a group with a competitor CEO?

We have a ‘no compete’ policy for the group. Only one CEO per industry sector is permitted to ensure full confidentiality.

What if I don’t like the other people who come along?

Membership in the program is by application only. We screen all applicants for suitability and compatibility. If conflicts arrive, we move swiftly to resolve differences and address concerns. If we find a participant is not a match to the program, we reserve the right to terminate their participation to persevere the experience and integrity of the group experience.

I'm based in Western Australia, can you come to me?

Apart from the Larapinta experience, all mastermind sessions and development webinars are done remotely, via webinar technology. This is to minimise travel expense and time away from home base.

What do we cover in this group mentoring?

There are two group elements: development ideas and thinking strategy and the mastermind round robin. The development aspect will cover practical business insights such as collaboration, trend analysis, through to advance leadership thinking in complexity and ambiguity. The round robin gives you access to the collective wisdom of the other leaders.

My job is affecting my home life - can you help me too?

Leadership is an inside job first. The best leaders bring their whole selves to work. So if your home life has challenges, we consider this a leadership issue, and we can definitely help.

How is walking along a trail make any difference to me being a CEO?

Beautiful views allow big inspiration. A digital detox in stunning surroundings opens access to the creative mind. Research has shown that creativity is unleashed with exercise as subconscious connections are allowed to bubble to the surface. 

Read more here: http://www.health.com/health/article/0,,20412092,00.html

I've done a bunch of these courses before. How is it any different with you?

The magic is in the shared experience. This kind of intimate experience forges trust you can’t get in classrooms alone. The collective wisdom of your own curated personal board of directors is amplified wisdom. You can leverage dozens of decades of insights in just minutes per month.

How can I be certain that my business secrets are safe and my confidentiality is assured?

After application and screening for suitability, all participants are required to sign a Chatham House rule and confidentiality agreement. Any breaches of this agreement will incur automatic expulsion from the group. Participants are expected and required to honour this agreement from an ethical and legal perspective.

This is an expensive program. Is it really worth it?

A competitive edge means business survival. We get this faster together. It may mean the difference between leading the way or being led away.

You will save ten times your $15,000 investment in hours of worry, ineffective strategy, and wasted effort. You will make ten times your $15,000 investment in strategic insight that guarantees your business and professional future for years to come.

If you want to be a big thinker who implements transformational leadership and not just transactional management, then this program is for you. 


Let's talk! Email my assistant lisa@innercompass.com.au to book in for an introductory chat to see if the program is right for you.