It's a chance to sit around the table, have a bite of deliciousness and talk about what you're starting, wanting to start, shift or change in your business or role.

What projects do you have underway?

Where are the blocks or obstacles?

What are you wanting to do with your ideas?

How is the team engagement?

What's the next step?

I’m obsessed with helping people connect better. I love creating teams that are worth belonging too, for quests worth undertaking. This is a great opportunity to meet up, connect and get the inspiration and action to advance your purpose-driven project, and unite your team. But don't take my word for it! Check out what others say about Leadership Over Lunch...

“ An informal and effective medium for the exchange of experiences and ideas. ”
Mike C.

“ Great opportunity to connect with like minded others ”

Sonia I.

“ Great idea Zoe. I loved it (maybe a bit too much). I really love these sort of people. They give me hope. They are amazing. I felt really humbled. ”

John de M.