Grace Under Fire

Double your influence, halve your stress, triple your impact. Be the one they turn to, not run from. 

Why you need Grace Under Fire

Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of Deep Change, said,  “The capacity of the leader constrains the capacity of the organisation.”

Leadership is both personal and public. Deeply so. Who we are and how we show up causes effects. Sometimes good. Sometimes not so good.

Crafting and managing our leadership presence is as much an imperative as designing good strategy. After all, if we don't get heard, we don’t advance our cause.

Your key challenges

If you're like my clients, then:

You have a huge job, and it's only getting bigger.

Everyone wants a piece of you. And there's no peace for you.

You'd love an independent sounding board with no agenda.

You want to be not only an effective leader, but an inspiring one.

Key Outcomes

Develop your leadership thinking. Hone your influence skills. Master your self.

Program details

Together we develop a development plan against the Conscious Leadership Capacities that are in line with your current challenges and future aspirations. We'll meet monthly over the phone or skype. All our meetings are supported with debrief notes, resources selected specifically for you (could be books, articles, audios, videos). And there's always some bonus surprises for my exclusive mentoring clients. 6 or 12 month programs. 

*I only work with a small number of leaders at any one time. Many of my clients work with me over a number of years. Spots are therefore exclusive and limited, so you get the best attention.

Why work with me

I've been told I'm calm, responsive, intuitive, and completely in your court. I like to keep it light while we go deep. Transformation does not need to be heavy!

I also don't buy into your bullshit and will call you on your stuff. I care too much about you to be anything other than absolutely REAL with you.

How it works:

  • We’ll do an audit of where you are now, where you want to get to, and what is holding you back. 
  • We’ll go to town on re-framing, releasing and otherwise smashing anything that is unnecessary and keeping you stalled.
  • We’ll zero in on your skills and knowledge gap and undertake mini-crash courses to get up level your know-how, now.
  • We will map out a straightforward course of action with baby steps that will make you feel tall like a giant,  and brave like a lion. Roar!

Drive your world forward, fast!

Stop wasting time and energy in indecision. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities!

Let’s get you the courage to act.

Confidence in decisions. 

A plan of action.

And the oomph to make it happen.

How do I get started?

Email to book a 30-minute Q & A call with Zoë to see if this program is right for you.

What They Say


"If you want to work on a really personal level Zoë is brilliant and knows all the strategies to resolve anything. She is great at getting to the real issues underneath the surface and genuinely wants to help you sort out your stuff. She helped me identify solid foundations and got me back to basics to sort out some challenging areas of my life. 

She offered a very personal service tailored to suit my needs rather than blindly following a set program. I now feel better prepared to handle anything."

Melissa Healy,  CPA, CTA, Director, DFK Everalls

"You will get something different with Zoë. There is an art to setting someone up to be comfortable to share vulnerabilities and Zoë is explicitly trustworthy. I appreciate the access she provides to different mediums, blog, books, webinars and current information. Zoë knows how to keep the information fresh. The scope of service is great value. I never feel like I've exhausted Zoë's repertoire and it's great to tap quickly into the library of shared understanding we have built."

- L.S., Senior Manager, Sydney Insurance organisation

"Zoë has been coaching me for a couple of years now, guiding me as I step in an international thought leadership role. I absolutely love every coaching session I have with Zoë. She's intuitive, she really gets to the core of any obstacles I'm facing in my leadership growth, and she provides such brilliant tools for dealing with those obstacles. There's no doubt that her coaching really has helped me find and strengthen my own inner compass." 

-Stacey Barr, Founder, Stacey Barr Pty Ltd

"I have worked with Zoë since 2006. She has been instrumental in helping me get focused as a leader, implement priorities, take on greater leadership roles, improve influence and communication. I would recommend her for any leader who wants an independent advisor with a strong personal and professional leadership focus."

– Nevin Agnew, Senior Partner in major Canberra law firm

"Before working with Zoë I had a number of issues, mostly around control. This was causing anxiety, low productivity, a stressful lifestyle and holding me back in my career. Through our work together I am no longer stressed. In the workplace I am a better manager, coach, mentor and leader. At home I am a better friend, brother, father, husband.

– John De Majnik, Senior Research Manager, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

“Zoë is my 'go to' person whenever I need some leadership direction. Zoë has coached and guided me through personal and business challenges. She uses her caring nature to guide with intuition and understanding in a non judgmental way. I always feel totally safe confiding in Zoë, as I trust her. Her leadership skills have really assisted my confidence and my ability to lead my own team.”

- Claire Connelly, Owner of Papercut Pty Ltd


"Zoë is an insightful and incredible leader. She passionately shares her knowledge and wisdom in easy to follow actions that create change. Zoë has a huge knowledge base! A real wealth of knowledge that is inspiring to witness. I've learnt a lot from how she will ponder an issue, get to the heart of it and then give great guidance. I'm not sure if she knows how important her ways of effectively and positively influencing people are. She sits back, reflects, provides feedback, ponders some more and then helps you be accountable."

- Josh Gilbert, Senior Consultant at PwC Indigenous Consulting

“I chose coaching to overcome the self-doubt and the negative self-talk. It was holding me back and costing me career progression, through foregoing opportunities. I kept believing I wasn’t ready or smart enough.

The most remarkable result was my internal re-framing of my approach; I now have a disciplined, purposeful approach. I have greater confidence, and a preparedness to have a go. I love where I am at, and what lies ahead ... I now sit on Boards, and participate on higher-level committees. I am off and running!

- Barb Grey, Director, Silverbucket Pty Ltd. Australian Cotton Industry