3 Things To Think About Now For The New Year

Most leaders I work with complain they find it tough to carve out time for strategic thinking. And now is the time to shape plans for the New Year.

These might be your nagging concerns: 

How do I stay relevant in the next 5 years?

If you’re not asking this, you’re already behind.

How do I stand out from my competitors? What’s unique about what I do?

This is marketing 101. Have you got it nailed yet?

How do I get known in the marketplace?If you’re a professional seeking a new role, it starts with your LinkedIn role and resume. If you’re in business, this ought to be your driving concern.

How do I put meaning in my work? How do I create legacy?

If it’s all about survival or financial gains, you’re doomed to struggle.

Here are my three key tips to tackle your biggest business worries:

1.    CONNECTIONS: Strong Network. Meaningful relationships gives you access to wisdom, support and introductions. Just like a healthy ecosystem has plenty of intersections, so should your human network. Where can you create new connections?

Connections create possibilities.

2.    COGITATION: Smart Thinking. How you map trends and respond now to future possibilities is critical to ensuring you don’t slip in to obscurity. What’s happening in the world that will affect not only you but your clients and THEIR clients?

Cogitation creates options.

3.    CONTRIBUTION: Sound Impact. Business has the potential to make a difference to clients, staff and the community. Integrating a social agenda in to your business purpose ignites passion in team. What issues do you feel strongly about? How can you help?

Contribution creates energy.

I believe strongly that in business it’s our calling to expand our impact. I believe in business that when we Do Well, we can Do Good. And in doing good, we do well.

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