Boundless Leadership: Focus gives freedom

I flipped to a page in my journal from some time ago where I’d listed my worries of the day. I remember them feeling huge and overwhelming. Getting them out on paper is always my go to strategy for stress management. I recall they still felt onerous, even down on paper.

Months later, nothing had turned out as badly as I thought it might. The consequences happened. But there were no long-lasting ill effects. I moved through the crisis.

Worries are a way of focusing on what we don’t want. They act like a choker on our imagination, if we let them. We can be gagged and tied from the consuming wretchedness of it all.

Focus drives feelings.

It’s a fine line between feeling bound and boundless.

Feeling bound is feeling stuck. Restricted. Constrained.

Feeling boundless is feeling free. Liberated. Released.

It’s focus that can switch restriction into expansion.

I picked up my pen for a new journal entry. It read:

‘Today I acknowledge these worries. They are old companions. Passengers on the path of growth. Whilst they linger, I choose now to focus on possibilities. I choose to harness the energy of worry. I turn thoughts of ‘what if’ and turn them to ‘how might I’.

Failing all that, I know that this too shall pass. Life is an ever surprising ocean of delight. On balance, I want my focus to be on joy and gratefulness for this one precious moment. There are so few of them seen through my eyes with the vast endless reach of eternity yet to come.’

Focus gives freedom. I might get it right with enough practice!