Boundless: 3 strategies for the best version of self

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Here is the transcript for you:

I was thinking about how to become the best version of self for this year. And it really comes down to three different tactics. It's input, output, and idle.

It’s kind of like running a car.

You need to put petrol in. That's the input. You need to press the gas pedal. That's the output.  Then you need to put it into idle and rest the vehicle once in a while.

So you take those three strategies and you apply it to the three aspects of self. Those are head, or wisdom, heart, which is compassion and 'hara' which is gut or vitality.

Take those three techniques and apply across those three sections of self and you get this:

Input for the head, the wisdom piece, is all about learning and reading. The output is all about creating and writing and developing the idle part. I use meditation for that. 

For the compassion piece, the input is learning how to receive better so receive compliments and gifts and just say thank you. The output is all about expressing kindness to others and the idle part is about gratitude and that's sort of revelling in thanking other people in other places and projects that have nourished you along the way.

The vitality piece, well that's pretty easy everybody knows that one: input - good nutrition, output - good exercise, and the idle part is good rest. A lot of leaders I work with suffer badly in the last category, myself included.

So that's what I'm going to be working on for this year to be the best version of myself and I look forward to hearing your results with that same strategy.