The Power of Saying Yes

Peter Gordon is the CEO of Hands Across Canberra, and in our podcast interview he celebrates the power of saying ‘yes’ when people come together to make a difference for others.

I asked, “what does it take to move people from an idea to saying yes”? And he replied, “I wish I knew”.

I’ve been turning it over in my mind. This is what I believe moves people from being impressed by an idea or cause to following through and saying yes to an opportunity to contribute - either with money, time, or expertise.

There are three factors that determine whether someone says No, Maybe or Yes.

These are:

1.    Mindset
2.    Focus
3.    Identity

Here are some questions to ascertain where you sit on the spectrum of inertia to action:

What would it take for you to say yes?
Who do you become when you say yes?
Who do you help when you say yes?
Do you see deficits, limits, or abundance?

Are you focused on self, others, or the collective good?
Do you experience your life as survival, satisfaction, or serenity?
Are you focused on despair, distraction, or action?

Are you focused on what you need, what you want, or what you give?
Are you a victim, learner, or contributor?
Do you feel fear, courage, or conviction?

How do you want to experience your world? What might be possible for you if you said ‘yes’?

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