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Get Deep Rest Now: a commitment to Boundless Leadership

The Haynes report is a call for better leadership. If this Royal Commission has taught us anything, it’s that leadership is a hefty responsibility, and we need to do our best to be our best. It’s too easy to miss the important stuff, or to be dragged down, distracted. If you have the courage to lead, make sure you give yourself the best shot at doing it well, starting with the fundamentals of deep rest, so often overlooked.

  • The need to steer our senses, and not be led by bad habits

  • How we can revamp the boardroom to promote better thinking

  • Apps and resources for stimulating, controlling and depriving the senses for better rest.

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Leadership success with this simple habit

How does your day finish? With a blur, a sigh, a cold drink? End of day habits drive the tone of the day. This simple, inexpensive, easy to do and easy to stick to habit can make the big difference in a day, and a year, well-led, and well-enjoyed.

  • We can craft peak experiences with focus on senses

  • Build your leadership success day by day through your yearly theme

  • Use a Moments Journal to keep you focused and on track, while building memory and attention

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Work with me in 2019!

I work with high level leaders: big thinkers, with big hearts who want to make a big difference. We focus on Boundless Leadership which is the relentless pursuit of a better future so you can have more impact with less struggle.

If you are a CEO, MD, GM or senior executive I have a range of programs that might suit you and your team for your development of strategic thinking and deep self mastery.

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Boundless Leaders: Know how to stop saying yes

Are you engaged and at risk of burnout? Apparently 1 in 5 engaged employees are. That’s bad news as the research also shows how few of us are actually engaged in the first place! It seems that if you want something done ask a busy person is a default that works, and to our detriment. If you are a keener, like my client ‘Karen’, and is excited by everything, then chances are you need to learn how to say yes better, not just less frequently. Filter what does not fit!

  • Boundless Leaders need boundaries

  • Saying yes to avoid saying no is a common trap

  • Use a strainer to make better choices

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Boundless Leaders: Easy habits to make you a powerful Amplifier

The biggest difference I see between an Achiever (someone who is driven by results) and an Amplifier (someone who is inspired by purpose beyond themselves) is how they manage their calendar. Our calendar habits are like our supermarket shopping: we either jam it full of junk for quick hits, or we take our time around the outsides, carefully choosing food that will fuel and heal. Here are three ‘nutritious’ habits that will move you towards amplifier.

  • Check your calendar and your bank statement to show your real priorities

  • Create a fluid diary

  • Mark out 40% of your time for strategy.


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Boundless Leadership: Drive results now, lead impact for a lifetime

Cricket Australia has been outed as “oriented to winning, without properly counting the cost.” A short-term focus on winning without due consideration for the bigger picture and the value of the game itself. So how do we avoid the pitfalls of a competitive winning mindset while still achieving results for the greater good?

  • Results are signals of quality execution of purpose, not an end in themselves

  • How Finite and Infinite Games focus our work as leaders

  • How to play the game to win and for the joy of playing


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Perspective amplifies impact

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the day to day. It’s a major complaint and concern I hear from leaders: the urgent day to day gets in the way of the big picture thinking. We sacrifice what’s next for the sake of now. And this is no way to build impact or legacy! We may not want to leave a legacy as long-lasting as Julius Caesar, but our perspective can help shape positive influence for generations.

  • How Native American Iroquois shaped leadership with the 7 Generations Principle

  • Julius Caesar’s effect and downfall

  • It’s not about hubris but about stewardship


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Be Better: How to Break the Blocks In Your Leadership

Boundless Leadership is when we know everything is possible, and we have a deep and strong centre that allows us to explore the edges of what is possible. I’m interested in what blocks our progress in boundless leadership. What stops us from developing a strong centre, and what keeps us from moving past the edges.

In a survey to my tribe, I asked, “What are your biggest challenges at work?”

Here are the top 3 answers:

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