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Be Better: How to Break the Blocks In Your Leadership

Boundless Leadership is when we know everything is possible, and we have a deep and strong centre that allows us to explore the edges of what is possible. I’m interested in what blocks our progress in boundless leadership. What stops us from developing a strong centre, and what keeps us from moving past the edges.

In a survey to my tribe, I asked, “What are your biggest challenges at work?”

Here are the top 3 answers:

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Stop ruining your life with obligation!

“What percentage of your life is currently your own?”

This is one of the questions I ask clients when we first start working together. The majority answer less than 100%. The sense of obligation is rife.

It got me thinking about what holds us back. Obligations are one of the big anchors we drag along behind us. They drain energy and vitality. They are one of the biggest risks to Boundless Leadership.

Boundless Leadership is stepping boldly in to the unknown where everything is possible. Limitations are dissolved, and our energy is abundant with enthusiasm, and industry.

Obligation clogs up the petrol of our passion.

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When your current ability falls short

“Oh crap!” These were the words that spun through my head as I flipped over my skis, landing upside down, smacking my head. It hurt.

We had 1.5 meters (5 feet) of snow in a week. This is highly unusual, and in 20 years of skiing in the Australian Alps, I have not seen the like!

I also had more falls this week than I have had in the last five years. It was a combination of heavy snowfall, poor visibility, and funky, sticky snow.

I hadn’t skied this kind of snow before and I felt like a learner all over again.

New conditions need new ability.

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Signs Your Leadership Maturity Is About To Shift

Human development is no picnic. We come face to face with who we are and realise there is likely a better way of being in the world. We discover that we might be better, and by correlation, who we are now might not be as awesome as we once thought.

Self awareness is like seeing a video of yourself and realising the picture in your head does not match what is being shown back to you. It’s the painful precursor to growth, if you decide to embrace something different.

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