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Mind Your Mojo: Essential Strategy for Boundless Leaders

I’ve been thinking about this idea of exploring the edge of experience. Growth is trying new things, exploring aspects of yourself as yet unknown, striving for new levels of performance and results not yet achieved.

Adventure in to the unknown requires deep commitment, profound courage, and a centered core. And you can’t do that without a full tank of mojo!


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Speaking Up: why it's so hard and what to do about it

Toni Hoffman was a senior nurse at Bundaberg Base hospital. In 2006 she was awarded the Order of Australia medal and the Local Hero Award.

She went through hell. She was the whistleblower on the Jayant Patel case, a surgeon who was convicted of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. (These charges were later quashed and a retrial ordered. In 2015 he was finally barred from practising medicine in Australia. Her actions likely saved many lives and caused improvement in the hospital’s systems.) She was shunned by her peers, unsupported by the administration. Her health suffered.

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