E63 - Increase productivity by 37% with great workplace design - Interview with Alisa Moss

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Show notes:

About Alisa Moss

Alisa Moss is a Director of Canberran design firm, DJAS. DJAS works with organisations to design work environments that range from hundreds of square meters to 85,000 square meters, from small spaces to whole buildings. Starting her career as a photographer, aesthetic design has always been important. A focus on sustainability has become equally so. Nowadays she includes the development of effective culture, alongside sustainability and beauty, as a key premise of her design work.

Alisa will be hosting one of the Open Space forums at the Edge of Leadership Un-Conference, 23 March, 2018 in Canberra. It’s your chance to share your insights and questions with Alisa. Get personal feedback on what could work best for you and your workplace. Attendees will also receive an extensive tip sheet to help implement her practical tips.