E115 - One company, no B.S. - insights from Atlassian Team Coach Bernie Ferguson

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How does Aussie tech giant superhero, Atlassian, run its teams? Bernie Ferguson is an R & D Team Coach who makes a living helping teams become high performers. We talk about human dynamics as key to effective process, how to define and measure success in team performance, the Atlassian Team Health Monitor as the starting point for building team performance, the fact that lack of team clarity is a chief derailer, currency of coaching is questions not opinions, the responsibility for getting meaningful feedback from people other than your boss, asking ‘how easy are you to do business with as a team?’, and Atlassian’s approach to culture through living real values.


About Bernie Ferguson


As an R&D Team Coach Bernie revels in the curly questions that get to the heart of team performance. Always focused on progress and supporting teams with actions to improve, Bernie believes to go from a good to a great you need a coach. However, we know that coaches can no longer just convey information to be excellent. Amazing coaches must help teams work through why, what, when, and how they do what they do. They must be relevant and provide context in an ever changing space to challenge, enable and ultimately support teams. And, importantly, do so at scale without creating a dependency on their presence.

Bernie has 15+ years experience working in Agile teams at scale with many a battle scar and story to share.

Atlassian website

Atlassian Team Health Monitor

Atlassian Team Playbook: no bullshit guide to unleashing your team’s potential


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