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E76 - Boundless Leadership: Build connection in tech, without tech, at Fireside Conference!

Camp is not a ‘thing’ in Australia. And it totally should be! Daniel Levine, entrepreneur in the tech and legal space, has been hosting a unique and powerful tech community event since 2015. He’s got a great philosophy when it comes to creating meaningful connections - a great way to be a boundless leader.

  • The recipe for great connections and a meaningful event: it starts with the premise, “Attendee first”, and “Disconnect to connect”.

  • Best tips include: no name tags, no VIP break outs, speakers stay for the entire event, all inclusive ticket, and choose your own adventure.

  • All we can do as leaders is “set the table”, do that right, and things progress well.


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E74 - Boundless Leadership: Why beliefs matter

Want to play a bigger game? How about being part of a community of game changers? Of folks who want to create great cultures? Of leaders who want to make a big difference and contribution? Here are some insights of what you need to believe in order to make a bigger impact.

  • What a transexual person’s story can mean for the future of humanity

  • The four beliefs you need to know in order to craft your leadership focus

  • Why stories matter

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