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E89 - Book review of Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ever read a book that changed how you see the world? This book did that for me. Now I understand compulsive tidying, and why some people match their clothes peg colours when they do laundry (and why I want to do that too now!)

  • 4 environments that you can use to engineer your evolution

  • 10 principles of joyful environments

  • Why plants are the secret to joy


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E52 - How Leaders Catalyse or Cannibalise Results (plus true story of Australian cannibals)

When you walk in to a space, you can feel if it uplifts or not. As leaders, we need to show up as an environment too - our energy, physicality, and language can cause positive change, or it can sabotage engagement.

Key Tips:

Energy: Are you inward or outward focused? Are you in your head or in the room?

Physicality: Focus on your breath, dig your toes in to the ground, and do power poses.

Language: Avoid commanding language and absolutes, use inclusive and collaborating language.

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