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E92 - Stop Your Passive Aggressive Language Now!

Ever been told that your behaviour was having a negative impact on others? This kind of feedback is confronting! None of us intentionally try to be a jerk. And yet we might be coming across as less than our ideal selves. There are important people reading maps to be mindful of, and language patterns to navigate.

  • Dig below the surface and map read human emotions with this change trigger tool

  • Be mindful of language patterns that are aggressive and passive aggressive (3 types to avoid)

  • WHY you need to avoid dramatic and downplaying language


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E46 - There's more to listening than hearing - a marvellous interview with Oscar Trimboli

Oscar shares:

  • The 5 levels of listening and how to start
  • Why the 125-400 rule keeps us from being good listeners
  • The patterns to pay attention to in conversations that will help give you big insights
  • How to model process leadership not just content leadership
  • On being a systemic listener (this is hard - but we can all do it)
  • The ancient art of Ting, and what we can bring to modern communication that uplifts listener and speaker
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E43 - Managing Up: Dealing with blocks to your success

Have you got a boss who gets in your way? Are they a blocker? A micro-manager? Do they dump work on you? Do they ignore you?

When it comes to Boundless Leadership and leading beyond borders, some people can definitely get in our way.

We look at the three key skills to manage up, as well as how to run an empathy map for yourself and your ‘blocker’. These are practical ways to build empathy and influence.

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E39 - How to develop a collaborative leadership style - Interview with Simon Dowling

Simon Dowling is a collaboration specialist who works with senior teams to create environments where their people really thrive. It starts by building what he calls supercharged teams. He is the author of Work With Me - how to get people to buy into your ideas.

Simon had a wondrous start to his professional career: commercial lawyer in a big city firm and improv comedy, and even appeared on Thank God You’re Here.

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