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E87 - Transformation and breakthrough strategies with Jason Irving (I go personal)

I first met Jason when I was working at Outward Bound and Jason was training as a massage therapist. His practice as a therapist, healer, and advisor evolved over the years. He helped me t through my cancer treatment, through a difficult career transition, and over the last couple of years has been instrumental in helping me stay grounded and energised as my business exploded in growth.

In this interview, we dive straight into his techniques as a practitioner, and use me as guinea pig. I share a personal challenge and we flesh out how to process it, come to terms with it, and transform it for a growth opportunity.

We discuss:

  • What sacred geometry shape to use when dealing with a ‘block’ or problem

  • How to make peace with your feelings

  • The alternative to affirmations that creates long-term sustainable change.

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E77 - Personal perspectives: 3 journeys you need to take to be Boundless

Adventure is an essential aspect of being a Boundless Leader - to explore new horizons keeps us in growth and contribution. Yet not all journeys need to be physical. There are 3 journeys you can explore to expand your capacity as a leader.

  • Insights from the Jatbula trail

  • What focus we need as Boundless Leaders

  • How do you ‘spend’ a day?


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