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E69 - Productivity hacks from the Master of Implementation, Peter Cook

Many leaders work with me on their productivity. It’s a fundamental for leading Self and essential to master if we are going to expand our impact. Getting stuff done, the RIGHT stuff is every leader’s challenge.

This interview offers these highlights:

  • What people get wrong with productivity

  • Why projects are fundamental to business success and great workplace cultures

  • How the modern resume will list projects not just workplaces as indicators of professional nous and contribution

  • How to use projects to build habits

  • The inner game of productivity

  • How to build projects in to your personal life

  • What an Ishaya monk’s vows can do for productivity and quality of life

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E68 - Secrets in growing remote teams and a life of freedom - Interview with Liam Martin,

Workers crave freedom and flexibility. It’s the biggest driver for remote working: do work you love, where and when you want. The one hurdle is this: how do you know they are actually getting work done? That they are being as productive as possible and not just getting a free meal ticket?

This is the challenge that Liam Martin and his Aussie business partner set out to address. In this AAHHHHMAAAZZZZING interview, we explore:

  • The war against the Distraction Economy and what it’s costing us

  • The Big Data that facebook collects and what it can predict

  • A world where transparency builds better interpersonal connections and business cultures

  • How to build a great culture with remote teams

  • Much more!

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