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The Leader’s Edge Mastermind - Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures form part of an Inner Compass Australia Pty Ltd enrollment agreement with you and apply to the twelve (12) month Mastermind mentoring program, the Leader’s Edge Mastermind.

Preparation for the Adventure Trek
For the trek to be enjoyable, you need to ensure you are in reasonable health with a good fitness level.
Please ensure you include adequate physical training in the lead up to the trek.

Leadership Maturity Map Profile
This is administered by the Institute of Developmental Coaching. Please complete and return your sentence completion test at least four weeks prior to the trek to ensure we have your results before the program starts.

Mastermind Webinar Meetings - logistics
We will send out a calendar registration link for you. You will need to have GoToWebinar software installed on your computer ahead of time. Please log in a few minutes before the start of each meeting so we can touch base socially and start promptly.

Mastermind Webinar Meetings - preparation
You will need to complete a one page prep sheet before each Mastermind meeting. This will outline your
current challenge and what specific help you want from the group. You will need to circulate this on the
MONDAY before our meetings to give your colleagues adequate chance to reflect and prepare to assist

Coaching Sessions - Booking in
You can manage our appointments directly in my online calendar. My Executive Manager will provide you with a link. If you need to re-schedule, you can do so there. If it’s an emergency and a last minute
cancellation, please call or text me on 0416 177 073 to let me know you’re ok.

Coaching Sessions - Procedures
I will call you on your pre-arranged number or via Skype at our scheduled appointment time. My skype
address is zoerouth. Please send me an invitation to connect.

Coaching Sessions - Changes or cancellations
I ask that you make the coaching meetings a priority. If you are unable to make an appointment and need to change the time, please give me at least 24 hours notice. Except for emergencies, appointments that are cancelled at the last minute or missed completely cannot be credited.

Coaching Sessions - Preparation
Reflection is key to your development. Please use the Achieva app journal ahead of each meeting, and
between each coaching session, to check in around your reflections, goals, and progress. This helps us to
keep track of your development and ensure we are making progress i noted areas that are most valuable to

Coaching Sessions - Responsibility
By undertaking a coaching program, you acknowledge that you take complete responsibility for any and all decisions and results you choose and create through the coaching experience. You also agree to hold theCoach, Zoë Routh, free from liability from any adverse actions or results created from either a direct or indirect result of specific referral or advice given by the Coach, Zoë Routh.

Program Confidentiality
It is important for the value and integrity of the coaching relationship that we are completely open and
honest with each other. In light of this, anything we discuss will be kept in the strictest confidence.
Chatham House Rule. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This ensures the privacy and reputation of each participant is ensured within the Mastermind group.

I love sharing what I learn with others. I ask you to do the same - share your successes and results and
celebrate your achievements! I also build my business through referrals – if you gain value from our work
together, please feel free to pass my details to anyone who is interested in what coaching has to offer. I will happily conduct a complimentary exploratory session with anyone you refer.


Feedback is critical to the success of the program and your experience in it. I invite and welcome positive
and constructive feedback throughout the program. Please let me know what is valuable to you, what is
working best for you, and what is not.

Client Care
We are here to support you! Bianca Jurd is the Inner Compass Business Manager in charge of Client
Happiness. If there is anything you’d like clarification, help, or support with, please contact her on

Lastly, my mobile is 0416 177 073. If you have a pressing issue you need support with, please text me, or
call me - I would be happy to assist outside of our normal coaching sessions.