keynote one

Speak Up:
"How to lead in moments that matter”

The perfect presentation to entertain and inspire leaders to step up and be brave.

Key Points:

What are the moments that matter most in leadership?
How do you know when you’re in one of those moments?
What do you need to think, be, and do in order to make the most of these?

Consider this...

Leaders are expected to deliver results, craft a brilliant and innovative strategy, and nurture high performing teams in a synergistic culture. This of course must be the envy of the bean-bag and billiard table brood of the nouveau corporate hipsters. Leaders are expected to be the hard-nosed authoritarian and the soft-hearted listener, the cutting edge innovator and the herald of corporate heritage. Leaders are hung between tensions and are often left swinging.

And yet it’s not the strategy or indeed the culture that bridges the different expectations. It’s in the moment where real leadership happens. What we do, how we show up, makes or breaks our reputation and our relationships. These moments may be small, but they matter. The trick is to know what is a moment that matters, and what to do in it.

Zoë will explain how making the most of moments is your number one leadership priority.  She will share three critical aspects of leadership connection that will allow you to make magic moments, not missed moments.

keynote two

Grace Under Fire:
Be the one they turn to, not run from.

An entertaining presentation to help leaders build confidence and influence.

Key Points:

Do you worry about how you come across as a leader?
Do you try hard to get heard and taken seriously?
Do you want to keep a cool head when everyone else is losing theirs?

Zoë will explain why Grace Under Fire – the ability to stay calm under pressure –  is more important than ever for leaders.  She will share three critical aspects of leadership connection that will allow you to double your influence and halve your people stress.


Australian Institute of Management

Australian Computer Society National Conference

Bosom Buddies

Canberra Institute of Technology

Chamber of Women in Business

Chamber of Commerce’s the Young Business Network

Influential Women’s Conference

Loddon Murray Leadership Program

National Association of Women in Construction

Summit for Women in Public Sector Leadership

South Australian Police force’s bi-annual conference

The Royal Easter Show

And as a guest and host on various webcasts and tele-seminars.

Zoë’s Bio: 

Zoë Routh is a leadership expert who has worked with individuals teams internationally and in Australia since 1987. She is passionate about helping leaders and teams thrive together, especially through times of volatile change. She believes that connectivity in teams, combined with change literacy, will create business resilience.

With over 30 years experience, facilitating leadership programs in the wilderness as well as in the classroom, she has published “Composure: How Centered Leaders Make the Biggest Impact”. She is the Author of the upcoming book “Voice – How to lead in moments that matter most.”

Zoë is an outdoor adventurist and enjoys telemark skiing, has run 6 marathons, is a one-time belly-dancer, and loves hiking in the high country. She is married to a gorgeous Aussie and is mother to 5 garden-wrecking chooks.

Speaking Testimonials

Class participant is motivated and inspired to immediate action

“Your session was FANTASTIC. Honestly, I was so inspired by it, it was amazing. You really have a gift, and a talent for motivating others. And you hit the nail right on the head – many many times during the session."

 - RoseAnna Schick,


Teleclass Host Declares: "Zoë is a well-spoken, high energy presentation MASTER."

“As a business trainer, I make a point of seeking out quality messages for my mastermind groups. Good speakers are everywhere, but finding powerful, effective presentations that stimulate action sooner, rather than later, can be a challenge. My clients want to learn and grow in a fun, engaging way. I'm a no-BS kind of girl, myself. My goal is to deliver results every time I do a webcast.

Zoë was one of my most talked about trainers last year. Her lessons are engaging and thought provoking. My audience could not stop talking about her passion and enthusiasm! They really got the message in a fun, entertaining way. Not only that, but transformations occurred ON the call as Zoë and I started Zoë's call was content-packed, and utterly amazing. I was a different person when the call ended.

She has an energy, enthusiasm and passion for her work that is contagious - and it passes to everyone that she touches. Before our training call was over, I had already received 3 emails from clients telling me how amazing the call was. I can only hope Zoë's calendar doesn't fill up too fast - we want her back this year!”

- Lisa Robbin Young,


Coach Specialist Appreciates Zoë's Unique Personal Approach

“Zoë Routh has a gift for telling it like it is in a language her audience can hear while keeping folks strongly engaged.

She's a pleasure to learn from and is generous in sharing her personal insights and experiences for the benefit of listeners.

I'm a huge fan of Zoë! “

- Jeannette Maw,


Business Leader and Fundraiser Recognises Zoë as Inspiring and Passionate Speaker

“I invited Zoë to speak at two separate fundraising events for Bosom Buddies, a local charity in support of breast cancer survivors.

Zoë inspired and touched the audience with her personal insights on her own cancer journey and how it has strengthened her resolve in living a brilliant life. She was a terrific speaker - she made us laugh, cry, and think deeply all in one speech.

I would recommend her to any organisation seeking an inspiring and passionate speaker.”

-Ondina Gregoric, Owner, and committee member for breast cancer support group, Bosom Buddies