Zoë is obsessed with ending workplace drama. It is the number one barrier to teams being Boundless.

She has worked with teams who are stuck in silos and turf wars. Stop disruptive behaviour and increase productivity.

For newly formed teams, re-formed teams, and teams working their way through change initiatives like a re-structure, or responding to a crisis.

Also for well functioning teams who want to amp up their performance from good to amazing.  


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Where does your team sit? 

We can help your team shift towards Boundless with these strategies:



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The 'Decoding People' workshop will help your team get to know each other’s preferred working styles. This builds on strengths and can assist troubleshooting weaknesses in the team culture. 

Strategic thinking workshops will develop your team’s skills. See what’s on next here or contact us to book your team in. 


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The 'Real Talk' workshop develops essential information and practice in the critical skills of feedback and having conversations that matter. Help your team have the conversations they need to be a happy, healthy and high functioning team!



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Discover the benefits of a Culture Compass Day - Develop culture agreements and strategies to remove friction and create flow in your team.

Map out the team Route Plan - Skilled facilitation of your team or organisation’s strategic direction will help provide collective breakthrough power.  

Pull out the big guns with the Team Challenge - Take your team on the Boundless Challenge! A four day outdoor experiential challenge designed to hone decision-making, planning, and resilience. Learning is deep, profound, and transformational. 


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