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The Diplomat

As a Diplomat you care deeply about others. You are mindful of their perspective, how they feel, and seek the best way to encourage them. You are the master of restraint.

Examples of Diplomats

  • Angela Merkl - Chancellor of Germany. Known as the last leader of the free world.
  • Parents - anyone who has tried to settle a toy dispute between two year olds
  • C-3PO in Star Wars, designed for Human-Cyborg relations

Strengths of Diplomats

  • Calm under pressure
  • Seeks mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Good listener and empathiser

Capacity to Influence

Works well within a defined sphere of influence. Steering decisions to win-win solutions. Very respected  by peers.


The Diplomat can lack the confidence and skill to create and pioneer new projects. They can settle disputes, but may lack the ability to lead the charge.

How to move from Diplomat to Maverick

  1. Examine your existing skill set. Where could you focus on development of new strategic thinking skills? 
  2. Seek feedback from others about your ideas for new products/services/solutions. Test the ideas at meetings and see what gains excitement and traction.
  3. Launch a mini-project. This could be a facebook group to get feedback and input on an idea, or podcast to interview other experts to build additional perspective on something you have an interest in.

What's next?

If you are serious about growing as a leader, get focused support with executive coaching, or joining one of Zoë's group programs.