Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

The explorer

As an Explorer, you are deeply centered with a calm and graceful presence. You exude wisdom that people are drawn to. You see no limits, and work through limitations. You are a true Boundless Leader.

Examples of Explorers

  • Dalai Lama - no one is more centered! The Lama works within and beyond political, geographical, and cultural boundaries to elevate human consciousness.
  • John Mackey - CEO of Whole Foods. In 2006, he reduced his salary to $1 and donated his stock portfolio to charity. His company is an expression of his deep personal values and his belief that business can be a big part of solving the world's problems.
  • Yoda of Star Wars - his deepest adventures were within, and he survived long after his 900 year-old material body faded to nothing.

Strengths of Explorers

  • Deep and abiding composure
  • Service and leadership that embodies collective values of humanity and planet earth
  • Others experience them as a deep and healing presence.

Capacity to Influence

Personal presence, calm intuitive focus, deeply ethical - Explorers draw people to them, and inspire light in others to shine brighter. They influence those immediately around them, as well as generations in to the future.


Loneliness. Explorers are rare, and their vision for a better world built on collectivist values can alienate others who are more results-driven with more focused targets. They can become targets themselves for malicious trolls and naysayers who are bent on twisting their lofty aspirations into  base ambition.

How to manage life as an Explorer

  1. Don't do it alone! Leadership is a lonely, high pressure role. Seek out the company of other like-minded leaders who can provide solace, reassurance, and encouragement.
  2. Keep your values and purpose front and centre. Seek to inspire others on this journey and encourage them in their own leadership development.
  3. Leverage your wisdom, insight, and ideas through technology and other leaders.

What's next?

If you are serious about growing and sustaining your impact as a leader, get focused support with executive coaching, or joining one of Zoë's group programs.