For senior executives who are ready for the next step in their career.


Quality connections for lifetime allies.

Better thinking, better leadership.

A lasting legacy with global impact.

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Are you ready for your next leadership role?


The Leader's Edge Mastermind is a high-level 12-month development program for senior executives who are ready to take their leadership and careers to the next stage. This program is designed to extend your thinking, capacity and delivery as a high impact leader. Participants come from various industries to extend learning, insight and networks.

The Fearless Bustards - Leaders Edge Mastermind Program - Larapinta 2017

The Fearless Bustards - Leaders Edge Mastermind Program - Larapinta 2017


Are these your chronic challenges?  


In my years of working with executives from across industries, this is what I have found gets in the way of being Boundless Leaders:

Never ending task list.

Too much work, not enough time.

Constant interruptions.

The urgent and important drives reactivity.

No time out to do the big picture thinking - the deep thinking to be on the front foot, not backfoot.


When you join the Leader's Edge Mastermind, you gain:


Systems for strategy: better thinking, better results.

Space to think: the time out you need to clear your head

Support: your curated A-Team who have got your back.

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Michael O'Shea Leaders Edge Mastermind Program
My Leader’s Edge Mastermind experience has provided a number of different types of resources to help me with my specific leadership challenge and has helped develop a tremendous support team along the way.

My leadership and management thinking has been enhanced, I am more productive and I am more determined to become a better leader through applying what I have learned.
— Michael O'Shea - General Manager - Research Funding Unit - Sugar Research Australia Limited