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Are you ready for your next leadership role?


The Leader's Edge Mastermind is a high-level 12-month development program for senior executives who are ready to take their leadership and careers to the next stage. This program is designed to extend your thinking, capacity and delivery as a high impact leader. Participants come from various industries to extend learning, insight and networks.


Are these your chronic challenges?  


In my years of working with executives from across industries, this is what I have found gets in the way of being Boundless Leaders:

  • Never ending task list.
  • Too much work, not enough time.
  • Constant interruptions.
  • The urgent and important drives reactivity.
  • No time out to do the big picture thinking - the deep thinking to be on the front foot, not backfoot.


When you join the Leader's Edge Mastermind, you gain:

  • Systems for strategy: better thinking, better results.
  • Space to think: the time out you need to clear your head
  • Support: your curated A-Team who have got your back.


You'll gain courage to act, conviction in your leadership, clarity on your path. This is your key to a professional competitive edge.


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Martin Fisk
I have been a client of Zoe’s for a number of years now and continue to use her services, both personally and for Menslink more broadly.

One of Zoe’s key strengths is that, while she is an astute business consultant and readily understands the issues facing executives, she also brings a wealth of personal experience and insight from her own life experiences and her work with Outward Bound.

I have found she can readily tap into both the personal and professional influences and challenges we all face (and that often intermingle in our performance) and recommend workable and practical strategies to address some of my biggest work challenges.

I have worked with a range of “executive coaches” over the last twenty odd years of being a senior executive. She would be the best. I’m happy to recommend her and will continue to use her services into the future..
— Martin Fisk, CEO Menslink
Learning IS leadership.

— Zoë Routh


The best leaders seek to learn and improve continually, in elite like-minded company. The Leader’s Edge Mastermind Program brings together prominent business leaders from across Australia for one year with the collective aim of mastering modern leadership, forming quality connections and making a difference to business and society.


The program includes one-to-one executive coaching, a leadership maturity profile map, leadership training, mastermind leadership meetings, a private online group, monthly curated books and starts with a full immersion outdoor adventure to clarify your thinking for the year ahead. 

The Leader's Edge Mastermind Program is an investment in your professional reputation and your business longevity. It’s insurance against irrelevance and being caught unaware by emerging trends and important shifts in your market.

You will have the opportunity to articulate a challenge, ask for multiple perspectives and gather collective insights about your challenges and opportunities.


The program will explore:

The breakneck pace of work - innovative ways to manage process, systems, output and delivery. How to deliver without sacrificing quality, people and yourself.


Managing disruption and volatility – how to stay on top of issues, make optimal informed decisions and create an agile workforce.

Competition – Facilitating and managing innovation and remaining competitive in a constantly changing marketplace.

Global pressures – best practice response to changing global pressures including politics, markets and environmental disasters.

Staffing and culture – Best practice staff management including succession planning, staff development, organisational culture and office politics.

Personal development – Managing isolation and facilitating support networks, techniques for optimising big picture strategies and thinking, honing influence and engagement skills, balancing work and home and caring for self in the midst of competing priorities. 


The Mastermind Program offers you:

Support. This is your A-Team. Your Mastermind group become your hand-picked board of directors. They’re your private sounding board and they’ve got your back!

Systems. These are advanced thinking systems. Get better strategy faster. We show you how to make sense of chaos, get ahead of disruption, and filter your choices.

Space to think.  You get time out to clear your head and space to consider the Big Picture. During the wilderness adventure you get big views, and big insight.

Conviction in your leadership. You gain clarity on your path, and strong, lasting connection with peers.

The mastermind programs are facilitated by Zoë Routh, one of Australia’s leading experts working with leaders and teams who have a hunger for more - more learning, more discovery, more results, more adventure. A leadership author, speaker, mentor & adventurist, she has worked with leaders worldwide to dissolve individual and group barriers. Her clients experience Boundless Leadership: the courage and tenacity to explore what is possible.

She is on a mission to inspire big thinkers with big hearts to make a big difference. She is passionate about showing leaders how to improve their ability to connect, build unified teams and expand how they serve the world.

With over 30 years experience, she has published “Composure: How Centered Leaders Make the Biggest Impact” and “Moments: Leadership When It Matters Most.”

Zoë has mentored numerous senior executives in sharpening their strategic thinking to handle big picture leadership issues such as disruption, steering corporate culture, political influence, creating an agile workplace, making better decisions faster and honing their influence and engagement skills to enhance their reputation and the reputation of their business. Her clients have remarked on her formidable insight and perspective and down to earth approach.

Zoë’s clients have included, The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Australian Government), Cotton Research and Development Corporation (Australian Government), Lifeline Australia, University of Canberra, Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, CARE Australia, The National Association of Women in Construction, Western Australian Fishing Industry Council, Australian Pork, Environment and Planning (ACT Government), DPR Accountants and Advisors, Australian Public Service Commission (Australian Government).

Zoë is currently director of Inner Compass Australia and has held senior executive roles for thirty years including Chair of the Outdoor Council of Australia and President of the Chamber of Women in Business.

"Zoë personifies what she teaches. She is authentic, courageous and wise. And she is on a mission to help leaders lead in the moment, and be the best they can be. This makes her not only one of Australia’s leading leadership thinkers and authors, but also enables her to make a profound difference with her clients. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but if you want to be the best leader you can be, and are willing to be real to get there, there is no-one better to have in your corner than Zoë."
  ~ Peter Cook, CEO Thought Leaders Global
"As we enter the decade of disruption, Zoë’s treatise on leadership composure is a perfect antidote to the disruption and volatility all leaders live with on a daily basis."
~ Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global 

Read more about Zoë here...

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The Leader’s Edge Mastermind Program enjoys a rolling intake. Zoë and her team carefully curate each member of the community to ensure fit and compatibility. The program is best suited to the business leader alone, rather than a number of people from the same company, to allow confidential and frank feedback from independent peers. 


The program also includes:

A private online community portal: so members can continue to soundboard, share ideas and ask for support and advice between mentoring sessions. It’s a great place to share resources and insights too.

Monthly curated books: you will receive a carefully selected text from the world’s best thinkers to support your leadership thinking and development.


Program Delivery Assurances 

Membership in the program is by application only. We screen all applicants for suitability and compatibility. If conflicts arise, we move swiftly to resolve differences and address concerns. If we find a participant is not a match to the program, we reserve the right to terminate their participation to preserve the experience and integrity of the group experience.


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"Zoë is very perceptive in analysing clients’ needs and uses a variety of different tools and strategies to customise her delivery, thus providing bespoke and fit for purpose programs. Zoë also has that unique ability to instigate critical change of thought patterns within a business or organisation. Zoë draws from internal change she has taken on from her own life challenges, so she leads by personal example. Her holistic approach assists to make Zoë’s coaching and training genuine and inherently valuable, leaving an indelible mark on her clients."
                            -Alex Ogg, Operations Manager, Western Australia Fishing Industry Council

The investment for the full year program is $18,000 + GST.

Payment options:

Option 1: Full payment prior to starting the program.

Option 2: $3,000 + GST and 12 monthly payments of $1500 + GST


"Zoë has been coaching me for a couple of years now, guiding me as I step in an international thought leadership role. I absolutely love every coaching session I have with Zoë. She's intuitive, she really gets to the core of any obstacles I'm facing in my leadership growth, and she provides such brilliant tools for dealing with those obstacles. There's no doubt that her coaching really has helped me find and strengthen my own inner compass." 
-Stacey Barr, Founder, Stacey Barr Pty Ltd

Contact Inner Compass for a compatibility and readiness conversation with Zoë.

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We are certain that you will benefit from the Mastermind mentoring program However, if you are not satisfied after you attend the first session on the Larapinta Trail, you may return all the materials in relation to the mentoring and notify us by email within 2 days of the session. We will then refund you the total amount you have paid, minus the cost of any product and fees incurred.

Leadership is a lonely path, and others are traveling it too. Together is better.


The Leader’s Edge Mastermind Program is your competitive edge.

A competitive edge means business survival. We get this faster together. It may mean the difference between leading the way or being led away.

You will save ten times your $18,000 investment in hours of worry, ineffective strategy, and wasted effort. You will make ten times your $18,000 investment in strategic insight that guarantees your business and professional future for years to come.

Be a transformational leader not just a transactional manager.

Be part of this exclusive group.



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Keep updated to discover other exciting locations around Australia where the Leader's Edge Mastermind program will be started.   

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