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Zoë's presentations focus on Connection in Leadership and our need to show up and be real, especially in the age of disruption.


Practical, funny, and uplifting.



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Boundless Leadership: The habit of adventure



Comfortable is complacent. And complacency kills in leadership! Industries have been swallowed whole by disruptive sea monsters basking in comfortable, blind assumptions. The antidote is cultivating the habit of adventure to cure complacency. 


In this practical and entertaining presentation, discover:

How to avoid complacency that leads to unwanted disruption.

How to check if you’ve slipped down the complacency slippery dip.

Core principles to guide adventurous innovation that pays dividends. 

Simple steps to hone your adventurous spirit and lead, boundless!


Be inspired and ready to strike out in confidence towards new horizons.




 Lead Your Self: Grace Under Fire 



The pressure on leaders has increased exponentially with the rapid pace of change. Social media presents the biggest risk to our most important currency - our reputation - especially if we don’t keep our cool. 


Grace Under Fire - the ability to stay calm under  pressure -  is more important than ever for leaders.  


In this entertaining and practical presentation, Zoë will share three critical aspects of leadership connection that will allow you to double your influence and halve your people stress.



Secrets of instant charisma, no matter how introverted you are. 

How to stand your ground when your emotions are going wild.

Responding rather than reacting, especially in a confrontation.




Lead Your Team:  From Mutiny To Loyalty 



Why do good people leave a good organisation?


Employee engagement is a chronic problem. We’ve tried open plan, work-based activity stations, work from home, perks, incentives… but people are still checking out - on the job and out the door.


The solution is not in carrots or sticks, but in experiences. Carefully designed experiences delivered in proper cadence creates workplaces that hum.


A great practical presentation to show executives how to get the most out of their people, and keep them on board:


You’ll learn:

How to stop unwanted staff turnover, boost engagement, and create lifelong advocates

What contributes to disengagement.

How to stop unwanted staff attrition.

When and how to create experiences that build commitment.

The skills you need to build boundless teams that stick with you through thick and thin.



Extend the conference experience with these practical workshops.


Real Talk - How to have difficult conversations


Difficult conversations are the ones that need to be had - that sometimes make or break a relationship, business deal, or professional rapport. More importantly, by having the courage to have them, they restore inner peace and well-being, regardless of outcomes.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

How to maintain safety in the conversation.

How to deal with power games and drama.

How to build and maintain rapport.

The structure, approach, and connection-building language for difficult conversations.




Boundless Leadership - Practical easy ways to boost peak performance


The quality of our performance as leaders is helped - or hindered - by the quality of our personal energy. As someone who has run marathons and survived cancer, Zoë knows intimately the challenges of maintaining personal energy.


In this practical and focused workshop you’ll gain:

The mindset and habits of personal excellence.

Simple strategies to dramatically improve your energy and reduce your stress.

Daily habits that will radically improve your well-being and confidence.




Think Like An Adventurer - How to map and navigate the future


Leaders who fall of the cliff of relevance and get swallowed by the disruption monster lack two things: awareness of trends and context, and the skills to navigate the hazards they face.


In this practical workshop you’ll learn:

How to map the territory: Develop an easy-to-implement system to monitor and analyse trends affecting your sector. Stay ahead of what is going on over a cup of coffee each week.

Learn how to look more strategically at issues to navigate a complex landscape. Make the right short term and long-term decisions.

Develop a route plan to explore new territory. Learn innovation strategies with measured and managed risk.


DEX conference 2018 

Rated as one of the main highlights by conference participants!

Zoë Routh - a great mixture of information, examples and emotion.

Zoë Routh - energy, dynamism and insights into culture and design thinking.

Zoë Routh - presented with such passion and enthusiasm and gave some wonderful practical examples to take away.
— Participants at DEX 2018

Comments from audience at the Women in Public Service Leadership Summit

“Lots of energy!”
”Great presenter, very engaging, funny.”
”Entertaining - perfect for the afternoon session.”
”Really useful practical tips. Thanks.”
”Great. Very interactive.”
”Excellent speaker presenting motivational material.”
”Very interactive and involved everyone.”
”Thoroughly enjoyable. Offered useful and different advice.”
”Great energy and enthusiasm, perfect for last session. Great presenter for end of day.”
”Excellent presentation. Humorous, authentic, entertaining and engaging.”
Our team recently had the distinct pleasure of having Zoe present at our Monthly Sales Meeting, on the topic of “Grace Under Fire”. Wow, the topic was so relevant, the delivery engaging and well paced. Zoe’s passion shines through and is infectious. Would thoroughly recommend Zoe as a speaker at any level!
— Rachel Stott - Mortgage Specialist and Operations Manager - Home Loan Connexion
I wanted to thank you for the fabulous workshop you presented: Leadership Skills for Industry Associations Executives. I gained a wealth of information, as well as invaluable motivation to refocus my energies into productive strategising and hopefully, successful future outcomes. Your are an inspiring presenter and passionate about building an empowered network of leadership professionals. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to attend one of your workshops.
— Joy Terry - Business Development & Partnership Manager, University of Canberra

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