Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes

  1. I’m writing a book.

It’s a big, important book. Its draft title is:

“People Stuff - the Power of Perspective for Better Leadership”.

It’s all about, you guessed it, the people stuff in leadership. It makes me tingle with excitement knowing how this may help leaders do better at the stuff that is the toughest stuff in leadership - the people stuff.

We’re planning for a March-May 2020 release. Sign up for the blog for updates.

2. I’m planning a personal walk on the Larapinta Trail (all 232km).

It’s next year in June. So excited about this! 15 nights of sleeping under stars.

3. I’m running more.

I’ve run six marathons, the last one in 2006. It’s been a big long spell! I’m running more half marathons. My third one this year is in October. The main objective is to fix my feet - I am struggling with neuroma and bursitis. But I have a good movement therapist and we are fixing my biomechanics. This feels great!