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Reinventing Men's Leadership: beyond gender agenda

“Hold her under so she doesn’t get up.” Thank you Caro, Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman for this thoughtless repartee.

Regardless of gender, this kind of aggressive sledging is not funny. It speaks to everything that is not pretty or decent in some men’s leadership.

Male leadership is struggling, and has been for several decades. Men and their relationship to women, especially in the workplace, has often been uneasy.

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Is compassion a weakness?

"There is still a culture of blokey-ness in leadership. You’ve got to be tough. You’re seen as successful if you’re too busy to listen. When we had a re-structure and had to let some people go, we were told to just soldier on – it’s just part of business.  You’re seen as effeminate if you show you care.”

I met with a reader last week to talk about his observations of men and leadership. He works with great female leaders in an organisation with men filling most of the top senior positions...

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