E100 - RESET your rituals, boundaries, and habits for a brilliant new year

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How are you starting 2019? Have you got a theme word? What boundaries, rituals, habits are you using to shape an extraordinary year? Have you got goals? Or are you using intentions? In this episode I share the nitty gritty strategies, habits, rituals, and resources I am using to RESET my energy and focus. The theme this quarter on the podcast is ‘Personal Excellence’ and this is the perfect start to that.

  • Why a theme word is useful for shaping your year

  • Six nitty gritty tactics to build personal excellence for the year

  • A special give away as this is episode 100!


EDGE OF LEADERSHIP UNCONFERENCE, 21-22 March 2019:  details

Six Focus areas for an extraordinary year of personal excellence:

1.Boundaries: put time containers around your addictions (like work, or  exercise, or social media)

2. Routines or Rituals: start of day and end of day rituals are the most important.

My morning routine 5am to 830am

  • Wake up - glass of water with lemon juice and pinch of sea salt (for minerals, digestion, and hydration)

  • Cup of green tea

  • Meditation: 20 minutes while tracking heart rate and heart rate variability

  • Journal:

  • How did I show kindness yesterday?

  • What was the one moment I want to remember from today? (one moment per day)

  • Decision journal: what questions or challenges do I have? What decision am I making? What led me to that decision?

  • Run or workout

  • Cold shower, dress

  • Start day with top 3 priorities

3. Nutrition

4. Sleep

My evening routine - in beta! 830-900pm

  • Ipad charging in separate room

  • Cold shower and moisturiser

  • Apply essential oils to bottom of feet

  • Meditation - 10 minutes

  • Track sleep quality and quantity with the Oura ring

5. Team support

  • Butt kicker - hiring my leadership trainer

  • Promoter - inviting a new board of advisors

  • Teacher - who can I learn from this year? Undecided

  • Pit crew - nutritionist and massage therapist

6. Physical environment

Declutter and tidy up as per the Marie Kondo protocol

Redesign physical  surroundings as per Ingrid Fetel Lee

References and books mentioned (add with the hyperlinks)

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Habits Journal

The Decision Checklist by Sam Kyle

It’s Who you Know by Janine Garner

The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

The Biohacker’s Handbook by Teemu Arina, medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi and nutritional expert Jaakko Halmetoja

The Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up - Marie Kondo

Joyful - Ingrid Fêtell Lee

Oura Ring


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