E48 - book review of the POWER OF MOMENTS by Chip and Dan Heath


As the author of Moments - Leadership when it matters most, of course I had to review Chip Heath and Dan Heath's new book, The Power of Moments: Why certain experiences have extraordinary impact.

Key Premise: Defining moments can be designed, we don't need to just wait for them.

There are four elements in defining moments (and you only need one of the four elements to make a defining moment).

Elevation: accentuate sensory experience, use novelty, use surprise, disrupt routine.

Insight: create stretch opportunities by putting people in new and unusual circumstances getting them out of their comfort zone; stretch is for LEARNING not success.

Pride: accentuate accomplishments through public recognition, recognise milestones, create opportunities to show courage and showcase it for a ripple effect.

Connection: create opportunities to share joy, and design experiences that create shared struggle and hardship for bonding in adversity.

What's missing in the book: HOW TO SHOW UP in the moments that matter: the energy, focus, presence, and emotion needed to hold the space for yourself and others in the moments that matter (I cover this in my own book, Moments - Leadership when it matters most. Did you notice the subtle plug there?!)

RATING: Get in e-book. Not quite hard copy worthy but better than book summary only.