E83 - How to create and experience boundless energy

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Energy is key to everything in leadership! When you are worn out, sick, or otherwise flat-lined, you are no good to anyone, and everything is a lot harder. There is more to energy management than just diet and exercise. In this episode I share the 12 simple strategies to create boundless energy.

  • The three main strategies for energy boosting: give, receive, enhance.
  • The four pillars of energy to hone: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
  • How to use your journal to celebrate.



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Boost your energy habits with the three key strategies: give, receive, enhance.

We balance our energy with giving and receiving; we expand our energy when we focus on enhancing it.

Like the ocean - it ebbs and flows, and occasionally needs an influx of fresh water to help it replenish.

As we go through each one, mark a tick where you are going well, and an x where you would like to improve.

Move:  Exercise, stretch, breathe

Nourish: Rest, nutrition, massage

Beautify: Facials, scrubs, physical space, clothes


Uplift: Encouragement, love, support, praise

Accept: Compliments, thanks, help, support

Celebrate: Outcomes and process - use a success journal


Create: Challenges, creativity, ideas, projects, quests

Consume: Entertainment, news, social media, reading

Learn: Skill, concept, worldview


Appreciate (a gateway emotion): Little things big things, nature, other people

Notice: Guidance, inspiration, synchronicity, inner knowing, intuition

Focus: Meditation, mindfulness

Review - How did you go? Which ONE area are you going to prioritise?