E40 - Entitlement - plague or opportunity?

Entitlement seems rife - in private sector, public service, not for profits, higher education. What’s causing this sense of “They owe me and I deserve more”? Is there any foundation to it? What can we do about it?

Bonus Notes:

Causes of entitlement

  • Good intentioned cotton-wool, you can do anything, parenting
  • Changed world conditions: sense of global citizenship, connectivity, digital natives, accessibility to information and rapid learning
  • Clash of old systems in new context: top down hierarchy, leader as white knight, and earn your stripes versus meritocracy, transparency, collaboration


  • Perspective: under their drivers and the key survival threats that are driving the discontent
  • Accountability and transparency: radically shift this to be more open and invite co-creation and contribution
  • Appreciation: increase frequency to match expectations in a meaningful way
  • Growth: create a sense of growth and progress for each individual and the organisation as a whole
  • Belonging: foster a sense of community, a safe place, a home base


Millennials in the age of entitlement 

Simon Sinek’s comments on millennials  

Greatness Gap: The State of Disengagement *opt in required