E120 - You can't ignore your past! Mental Fitness for men with Greg Gillies

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What does it take to be a real man? Life Coach for Men, Greg Gillies, knows that it’s not what we usually think. It’s not about material success, business goal achievement, or a facebook narrative. He believes we need to clear the programming from our past so we can embrace the best of who we can be.

Greg shares his own downward spiral from successful executive and business owner to numbed out alcohol abuser through to renewed and liberated healthy male leader. He reveals how kinesiology and quantum matrix therapy helped clear his unconscious past beliefs so he could choose more powerful ones.

We take a deep dive into sympathetic nervous system dominance, the body’s natural healing system, releasing negative emotions and beliefs from our past, resolving conflicts in our brain.



About Greg Gillies:


Greg Gillies is a Life Coach for Men. He is an expert in emotional intelligence and releasing blocks, He helps men release past limiting beliefs, influences and emotions so they can step in to being their best, mentally, physically and spiritually.

After 20 years trying to “Have it All” in life,  he found himself feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and thinking there was something wrong with him. He hit rock bottom abusing alcohol to numb the pain – then everything changed after he undertook extensive self development work.

Greg is an expert in helping men to break through the unconscious programming of their past to create wellness, well being and ultimate happiness. 



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