E56 - How to boost morale in the workplace

Here are some questions to check your morale DNA:


  • Do you make a big deal of new employees?
  • Do you show them around and introduce them to all the team members?
  • Do you make sure they have their workspace ready to go?
  • Do you have some objects that let them know they are one of the tribe? (Yes, a branded coffee cup of their own can count here)


  • Do you help employees connect with the bigger picture?
  • Do employees know what you care about, why you do what you do, and how what they do fits in to the bigger cause?
  • Do you measure and showcase the impact you’ve had on your clients and make sure everyone knows about it?


  • How is the ‘game’ of your work?
  • What rules are you playing by?
  • Are they clear and agreed?
  • Or are there some outdated rules that are clunky?
  • What systems create friction rather than flow?
  • Frustration instead of fun?
  • How do you know if you’re winning the game of work?
  • Is progress visible and meaningful?
  • What prize do you get when you ‘win’ at work?
  • How often do you celebrate wins and winning?

Cleaning up the game of work is a very pragmatic way to boost morale. Just make things easier, simpler, and more fun.